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Posters for Joo Ji Hoon’s “Five Fingers” Released

If you didn’t know that Five Fingers¬†(starring Joo Ji Hoon, Ji Chang Wook, Choi Si Ra, and Ham Eunjung) was a serious, angsty melodrama about the lives of pianists from the trailer, now you definitely know.

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“Five Fingers” Starring Joo Ji Hoon and Ji Chang Wook Releases Angsty First Teaser

While we already gotten several teasers for the highly anticipated dramas, Faith and Arang and the Magistrate, Five Fingers, which will be airing two weeks earlier than the aforementioned dramas has been strangely quiet. We’ve finally gotten a teaser from them, which looks perfectly angsty with angry piano playing, childhood loves, and intense gazes of determination.

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Teaser and Character Stills for Movie “I Am the King”

*Happy dance* Joo Ji Hoon is going to grace the South Korean big screens again! Joo Ji Hoon showed audiences he had comedic potential in movie Antique Bakery (2008), and with his new movie, I Am the King, he will be flexing those muscles once again.

I Am the King re-imagines the story of King Sejong, the much respected Joseon ruler who developed the Korean alphabet. If other movies or dramas (√† la Tree With Deep Roots) have portrayed King Sejong as a dignified and intelligent individual, I Am the King turns that image upside down and imagines Sejong as a cowardly prince who was scared to be a ruler. In an attempt to escape the palace, Sejong climbs over the palace wall and unexpectedly crashes into a slave trying to sneak into the palace to save his owner’s daughter whom he has secretly loved. Surprisingly, the slave and prince look exactly like each other. They switch places for each other’s benefit- the slave becomes the king and the king becomes the slave. What hilarity will this mixed up situation bring?

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