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Ji Hyun Woo Dancing on “X-Man”


I’ve said this before but Ji Hyun Woo is a weird combination of confidence and awkward duck. We’ve seen plenty of confidence so let’s enjoy the awkward duck part this time.

Ji Hyun Woo dancing on a K-variety show called “X-Man.” Celebrities come on the show to play games and one of them was secretly an “x-man” who was supposed to make his/her team lose. In the beginning of an episode, the celebrities would dance to warm-up and show off their talents. Koreans love this kind of stuff.

Ji Hyun Woo appeared twice, on episodes 19 and 22. They aired September 25, 2004 and November 7, 2004, respectively. Somewhere in the show, it is mentioned that this is one of his first variety appearances. I’ve spliced together both dancing parts into one clip. I’ve also subtitled the captions. The video is short but I hope you enjoy!