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Recap: The Heirs Episode 8


Two very beautiful people, with very twisted personalities. Have you seen their parents?

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Recap: The Heirs Episode 7


It has all the signs of a sweet first love with all its impatient passion, jealousy, and major mood swings. But love at any time of our lives can be a powerful force, and to protect Eun Sang, Tan will become stronger and better, growing up from a boy to a man.  It starts by following her footsteps….
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Recap: The Heirs Episode 5


America was a midsummer night’s dream for Eun Sang, but Tan has come from the land of dreams to make it a reality.

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Recap: The Heirs Episode 4


Tan stands in his brother’s shadows, desiring his love. He can see the outline of his brother’s shadow, so large compared to his own. Will he ever be able to grow past that outline and stand equal to his brother? Or even larger one day? Read more

Recap: The Heirs Episode 3

vlcsnap-2013-10-17-01h05m17s98That child, rejected and longing for love, is what comes out to hope for his brother’s welcome, approval, and love. It is that child, who grew up alone in that big house away from his family, standing there in the orchard as Eun Sang comes to comfort him.

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Recap: The Heirs Episode 2


It’s that moment when you feel the butterflies in your stomach, the stirrings of your heart, and the chimes in the wind.

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