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Lee Min Ho and Kim Hee Sun on the set of “Faith”

Photos of Lee Min Ho hanging around casually with a sword sticking out his body on the set of Faith have been revealed. The pictures were taken while Lee Min Ho was resting from shooting a scene in which he gets injured trying to protect King Gongmin of the Goryeo Dynasty. Lee Min Ho plays Choi Young who is a bodyguard of the King and later becomes General Choi. Read more

“Big” is Killing Me (Episodes 9-10)


Big leaves me so emotionally drained and confused. At the base of my confused state, there lies a complete love of Gong Yoo. He has me in shackles every moment he is on screen. On top of that wonderful foundation, there is a layer of love for the small, quiet moments in this drama. But above all this love there is a thick block of frustration that unfortunately can be written out as a list. Here it is.

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Some Thoughts on Big Episode 8 (Spoilers Ahead!)

Eight episodes in, Big continues to be a delight. With a lot of heart in the story, Big feels like the warm afternoon sun. But perhaps because it is so gentle and warm, Big seems to lack the romantic tension that I’m used to feeling while watching a drama. From years of conditioning, there is a part of me that is expecting to feel the little twist in my stomach from romantic scenes and gestures, and while the drama delivers that a bit here and there, it really doesn’t carry it through. And I can’t blame the writing for that because I don’t think that Big is actually a romantic drama. It seems to be more a story about about growing up and maturing- not just for Kyung Joon but Da Ran too.

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Fanvid: Big- “Gong Yoo’s Got the Moves”

I’m loving the new Kyung Joon and Gong Yoo is like delicious chocolate cake that should be savored bite by bite.

Song- “Moves Like Jagger” by Maroon 5.

Here is When My Gong Yoo Crush Comes Rushing Back (Spoilery for Big Ep 6)

Big ep 6Big ep 6

Of course, Gong Yoo has been wooing me since the beginning of Big. But there is the moment while watching a K-drama when the stars align and boom! You’re lying there in a puddle of drool. And by alignment, I mean when the character and the actor become one.

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First Impressions: “Big” is a Hit With Me

It’s hard coming off a drama that stole your heart and time for the past few months. But unlike the weeks after Damo ended, I’ve had a creative outlet to pour out my feelings and help find closure. So this week I was ready to tackle a new drama and see where it took me.

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