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[Final Update]Lyrics: Seven Songs from The Nuts

Songs are easier to translate because they are shorter but also harder to translate because they are poetic and incomplete. Because I don’t know how to keep it both poetic and understandable, I’ve chosen to translate these songs not word for word but meaning by meaning.The lyrics lost a lot of its poetry through this kind of translation but if I translated them the way it is written word for word, the grammar and message would have be all over the place. I would rather convey the meaning of the lyrics than let an amateur translation ruin the song.

The Nuts is the band that Ji Hyun Woo was a part of as the lead guitarist and sub-vocal. The group debuted in 2005 and their most recent single was released in 2009.

Someone requested that I translate the lyrics to these four songs from The Nuts’ discography. As you can read, these songs are pretty typical of ballads from that era- sad, angsty, and dramatic. So are the music videos. Back then these would have moved me to tears. Now I am a cold, cynical soul. 😉

Dot Dot Dot (쩜쩜쩜) (2008, 3rd album “Could’ve Been”)

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