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“School” Bells Ring

school01 large

Uh, yeah, I kind of love it. It has been a long time since the first episode of a drama was this compelling for me. School 2013 drama doesn’t have a flashy cast, production, or plot but it is well produced, acted, and written on all levels. Set in a Seoul high school, the story and characters feel real despite some of the obvious plot contrivances needed for the drama. Overall, the drama tugs at your heart without being precious or pretentious, which a lot of dramas tend to be these days. Yep, it already tugged at my heartstrings. Read more

Keeping the Faith 4

I see a new thread is needed already. Wow, you guys. 😀

I’m sure you’ve seen these already but… Read more

Just a Little More of “Faith”

Around this time last week, I was waiting anxiously for final week of “Faith.” I can’t believe a week has gone by already because I’m still not ready yet to let go. I’ve been so lucky this year to have four dramas I obsessed about- “Shut Up Flower Boy Band,” “Queen In Hyun’s Man,” “Faith,” and “I Live in Cheongdamdong.” Each time it has been hard to let go but I must say “Faith” is the hardest for me. It has been a long and intense three months and there is still so much I want to think about with “Faith.”

People have asked for “Faith” rehab but how can you ask it from someone who was just as addicted? 😉 So here is a little more “Faith” to help ease the withdrawal step by step. Read more

For Love, For Country

Sadness (“Faith” OST)

Young has just heard that twenty-four of his Woodalchi died- fighting to protect their king…fighting and dying in his stead. He sits alone in the dark silence of his room as the smell of incense fills the air. He doesn’t cry in mourning for his men. No, he can’t cry. He thinks to himself, “I do not deserve to cry.” Read more

Written Preview: “Faith” Episode 19

Eek! The scale of threat against Gongmin grows larger and our Imja couple are drawing closer and closer to that final separation. I don’t know how much longer my heart can last. Read more

When We Need A Little More “Faith” In Our Lives

Here. Have some crack to feed your addiction. Read more