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Park Si Yeon Sets Sail for Instyle

I said I’ll take what I can get. While looking up news for the upcoming September drama Nice Guy, I came upon these latest photos of Park Si Yeon for the August issue of Instyle Magazine.

Park Si Yeon will play the role of “Han Jae Hee” in Nice Guy, who betrayed the man she loved for revenge. Park Si Yeon has definitely improved since playing the hateful secondary lead in My Girl (2005) and I loved her a lot in Coffee House (2010) as the confident and capable editor. So I’m looking forward to what seems will be a femme fatale role in Nice Guy. And boy can she pull it off.

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Shin Mina Looking Seductive for High Cut

I’m itching to do a recap so I’m really excited for the start of the upcoming dramas, Arang and the Magistrate, Faith, and Nice Guy. There hasn’t been much promotional material for Faith and Nice Guy so I’m devouring up Arang for now. Here is Shin Mina looking gorgeous for the July issue of High Cut. The concept of the photo shoot is “Black Swan” although I don’t see what’s so black swan about the photos except maybe the fierce gaze? Supposedly she is channeling a Lolita look for the cover photo with the veil. I see that but what’s black swan got to do with Lolita?

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