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Time Traveling Through Seoul

South Korea’s bragging point has always been the coexistence of modernity with its traditional culture. There are always quotes from tourists on websites and brochures who marvel at the existence of royal palaces right in the middle of the  cosmopolitan city of Seoul, and the continued practice of traditional rituals and customs in a rapidly modernized and globalized society. Read more

The Hot and Steamy Ending of “Queen In-hyun’s Man,” Director’s Cut.

First, watch.

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Reuploading “Queen In-Hyun’s Man” Fanvids

I think CJ E&M only claimed copyright on my Queen InHyun’s Man fanvids. They deleted all but one. Why?! Everyone else seem to be untouched. T___T So I’m reuploading some of them. Doing this made me miss QIHM so much again! Read more

Joonni’s Top Ten Favorite Dramas List

Ah, the top ten list. My most recent version was written four years ago and since then, very few recent dramas have been added. I rank my favorite dramas based on my emotional attachment to them and, perhaps because I am getting older, newer dramas don’t strike me hard as the older ones did.

10. Shut Up Flower Boy Band (tvN 2012)- A story about music, youth, and friendship, this drama would have ranked higher if I was younger. A well-written drama through and through and a breath of fresh air in the K-drama landscape, SUFBB was a wonderful surprise for those tired of black and white characters and bipolar dramatics.

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Fanvid: [Eng] QIHM “Same Sky, Different Time”

I have made another fanvid to this song, despite having already made one in the beginning.

I’ve always wished that a drama would have a final music video for the OST after the series finished that included all the wonderful scenes, so I’ve made one myself.

While I was making this fanvid, the lyrics at the end of the song that go, “I will become the moonlight in the broad sky so you can find your way back to me” matched up with the image of the cellphone lighting up. I got a chill then. Hee-Jin calling Boong-Do, lighting up the cellphone screen, stopping him from dying = “moonlight in the broad sky so that you can find your way back to me.” Now that’s poetic.

I hope this fanvid can act as “fairytale book from your childhood that you take out from a dusty bookcase and will always transport you to a fantasy world…”

This will most likely be my final fanvid for “Queen In-Hyun’s Man” (unless the instrumental OST that they (may) release later really compels me to make another one). So I hope you guys like it and find a little closure to this “fantasy of a midsummer night’s dream.”

Letters of Goodbye: To “Queen In Hyun’s Man”

Dear “Queen In Hyun’s Man,”

This letter is written to you, and at the same time, to me.

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