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Posts tagged ‘Shin Sung Rok’

Live Recap: Trot Lovers Episode 4

trot lovers episode 4 preview still

Our hero starts at the bottom with his heroine.

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Live Recap: Trot Lovers Episode 3

trot lovers ep 3 preview stills 2

Which dashing hero will come to our heroine’s rescue?

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Live Recap: Trot Lovers Episode 2


Last night our hero, JH, blamed everything bad that was happening to him on our spunky heroine, CH. Talk about digging his own grave.

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Live Recap: Trot Lovers Episode 1


Here we go. KBS’ new Monday-Tuesday drama, “Trot Lovers,” premieres tonight, and I am here to live recap.

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Live Recapping “Trot Lovers”


I’m ready for some fun. Are you?

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