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Recap: “To the Beautiful You” Episode 2

The cute continues. This drama is an easy watch. There is nothing mind-blowing or new but it’s a familiar story competently told. A nice drama to end a hard day with. Read more

Recap: “To the Beautiful You” Episode 1

I like! It’s not as zip and zany as I expected and the trailers suggested, but it’s still fun, light-hearted, and sweet. And I love the heroine! She might be the most feminine out of all the adaptions but she’s got the (figurative) balls to make up for her lack of male physicality. Read more

Expectations Continue to Rise With Latest Teaser For “To The Beautiful You”

Aw man, this drama is making its way up on my “must watch” list for August. The second teaser for To the Beautiful You shows us a bit more of the characters and I’m happy to report that the drama seems to be heading for the fun.

Sulli: I saw his flying.
Sulli: To be next to him, I became a boy. Read more