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The Cute, the Scary, and the Melodramatic: Lassoing in the Wed-Thurs Dramas

Three dramas + two nights = dead me.

I titled this post “The Cute, the Scary, and the Melodramatic.” You think you can easily match the drama to its description? Is it really that simple? Never be sure who’s cute, scary, or melodramatic in 2012 Kdrama-land!

Beware: Spoilers! Read more

Thoughts on TTBY Episodes 3 and 4

Episode 3 gave me whiplash. I spent the first half of it grinning from ear-to-ear and the latter half cringing in disgust.

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Recap: “To the Beautiful You” Episode 2

The cute continues. This drama is an easy watch. There is nothing mind-blowing or new but it’s a familiar story competently told. A nice drama to end a hard day with. Read more

Recap: “To the Beautiful You” Episode 1

I like! It’s not as zip and zany as I expected and the trailers suggested, but it’s still fun, light-hearted, and sweet. And I love the heroine! She might be the most feminine out of all the adaptions but she’s got the (figurative) balls to make up for her lack of male physicality. Read more

New Teaser for “To the Beautiful You” Highlights the Romance, Sending Joonni to Drama Heaven

Kya! The latest teaser for upcoming youth drama, To the Beautiful You, brings out the the giggly highschool girl in me. If the previous teasers highlighted the youth energy of the all-boys highschool setting and the shenanigans inherent in a cross-dressing drama, this latest teasers hints a little more at the romance that will develop between our main leads. It looks like the Korean version of “Hana Kimi” will amp up the romance factor, creating a solid love rectangle between Sulli, Minho, Lee Hyun-woo, and Kim Ji-won. While I welcome that, I also hope that there is a good balance of sports competition, character growth, and friendship in the drama. Read more

Expectations Continue to Rise With Latest Teaser For “To The Beautiful You”

Aw man, this drama is making its way up on my “must watch” list for August. The second teaser for To the Beautiful You shows us a bit more of the characters and I’m happy to report that the drama seems to be heading for the fun.

Sulli: I saw his flying.
Sulli: To be next to him, I became a boy. Read more