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Lyrics: Ji Hyun Woo “Baby Elephant” and “She is My Love”

Because I have a hard time saying no…and because I think the girls who requested this want me to hop on the JHW-YIN ship…

I have translated two songs by Ji Hyun Woo upon their request. Just gathering it into one post here.

Ji Hyun Woo- “Baby Elephant” ( from his solo album “Crescendo”)

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Reel to Real? Translation of JHW’s confession and YIN’s reaction

So I spend eight hours off the internet, focusing completely on the final recap. I hit “publish” and finally go searching for reactions to the episode, since I have tried to remain completely spoiler free since last night.

Then I see this. (Transcribing on request)

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Written Preview: QIHM Episode 16


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Video Preview: QIHM Episode 15 with Translation

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Written Preview: QIHM Episode 15

So it seems that instead of a video preview, we get an early written preview.

Here it is!

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Longer Video Preview: QIHM Episode 14 with Translation

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