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Reuploading “Queen In-Hyun’s Man” Fanvids

I think CJ E&M only claimed copyright on my Queen InHyun’s Man fanvids. They deleted all but one. Why?! Everyone else seem to be untouched. T___T So I’m reuploading some of them. Doing this made me miss QIHM so much again! Read more

Ji Hyun Woo Says Goodbye to Fans, Enters Army

Our Boong-do is finally experiencing what all men of modern-day South Korea must experience, mandatory military service. Cries. Ji Hyun Woo entered the army today on August 7 at the 102th reserve base for four weeks of basic training. He will then begin his 21-month active-duty service. Many fans and reporters came to see him off and Ji Hyun Woo held a brief interview session before he entered the base. Although reporters asked him many questions about Yoo In Na, Ji Hyun Woo simply laughed and avoided answering. Yesterday, representatives of Yoo In Na informed the public that she will not be coming to see him off today. Reports have it that the couple had a dinner date the night before instead. Ji Hyun Woo just briefly thanked people for coming despite the heat and assured fans that he will return healthy and safe. Read more

Ji Hyun Woo & Yoo In Na Attend Concert Together and Ji Hyun Woo Postpones Military Service

Quick updates.

Ji Hyun Woo and Yoo In Na attended singer IU‘s concert together on June 30. Yoo In Na and IU are known to be very close and Yoo In Na had promised to attend IU’s concert. She finally made it to the one held in Suwon city. According to the news source, during the talk part concert, IU announced that although normally she doesn’t have female guests at her concert, today a pretty guest came. The concert camera captured Yoo In Na in the audience and the audience cheered. IU called Yoo In Na up to the stage.

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Brief Recap: Enews Segment on Ji Hyun Woo-Yoo In Na Love Story

Here is what was supposed to be a brief recap. I got a little more detailed that I planned too and now I’m too tired to do the rest of the show tonight. Here is the first part of the segment on “Enews.” This part is especially good because we got to see the BTS of the elevator kiss. Kya!

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Translation: Yoo In Na Responds on “Raise the Volume”

Thanks to youtube uploader

0:39- A listener sent the message that she/he will support YIN no matter what happens. Then YIN replies “Thank you. Thank you very much. Due to ‘Volume,’ whatever happens, I have strength.” Then YIN laughs knowing we all know what that “whatever” is.

I am giving the timestamps here and there just so you can match it up a bit to watch her expression.
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Random Thoughts: On Ji Hyun Woo and Yoo In Na

I was actually watching “Mr. Idol” when I read the news about the photos. Watching the movie was a strange experience because I didn’t know that just watching Ji Hyun Woo moving on my screen would make me grin from ear to ear. All I had to do was see his face and I was mesmerized. I actually don’t consider myself a huge fan of Ji Hyun Woo compared to some other people but obviously, this man does something to me. 😀

It felt like the stars were aligning today for me. I had just finished uploading the English subs for the radio show, reveling in the fact that Yoo In Na said she prefers a direct confession. I mean, this couple! They meet at a radio show in January (I know that it wasn’t the first time they met), start filming a drama together, then do a radio show together when one of the topics happen to be about confessing, they finish the drama, and the guy confesses directly in public! Then I see the photos. Oh goodness, I thought my heart would burst. I was so excited, I could barely type. Seriously, you should have seen my hands.

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