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Recap: “Faith” Episode 24- FINAL

Joonni: I can’t find the words to summarize this episode for this introduction. I just can’t. It was too great and too powerful for me to describe.

Softy: No matter how you look at it – this was one memorable ending. How they wrapped up the story and connected all the dots will leave its audience wondering why they ever had any doubts to begin with. It has only been a few hours since it ended, but this feeling of emptiness has been seeping in ever since the final credits rolled. How to fill this void is up in the air so I hope our captain Joonni has some ideas about how to wean us off this addiction.

Episode 24- FINAL

Gongmin starts the questioning but Ki Chul interrupts to say he has one request. He starts to pull something from his sleeve and Choong-suk tries to stop him. Unfortunately, Ki Chul takes out the medicine that Yang-gak gave him and eats it. He pushes Choong-suk away and breaks apart from his chains using his newly strengthened power.

The Woodalchi attack Ki Chul who is trying to get closer to Gongmin. He fights back, killing them. Gongmin tries to leave but Ki Chul stops him. Gongmin asks if he has gone crazy. Ki Chul replies that it’s nothing. He only came to find what is his. He wants only Gongmin to remain behind and have all the others leave because they are getting on his nerves. Deok-man tries to attack Ki Chul but fails.

Young enters the royal court and sees his men dead on the floor. Gongmin declares to Young that Ki Chul has gone crazy beyond any help. Young asks calmly what Ki Chul is up to and Ki Chul replies that he came for Eun-soo. Young’s hand starts to tremble and Dol-bae notices. Young sees Dol-bae start to ready his spear and knows what he is planning to do. He whispers, “Don’t do that,” but Dol-bae calls Ki Chul’s attention and attacks. Young screams out “Don’t do that,” as Ki Chul escapes Dol-bae’s attack and grabs his neck and freezes him.

Young kicks up a sword lying nearby and swings at Ki Chul but Ki Chul knocks it away. Young stands in shock to have been so easily disarmed.

Before fighting Ki Chul again, Young checks on Dol-bae. He holds him up by the neck and Dol-bae smiles back at Young, happy to have served his daejang. He dies and Young rests his hands on his chest.

Facing Ki Chul, Young asks for a sword and Deok-man hands him one. Young demands that everyone stands back. Ki Chul advises Young not to try so hard. Young ignores him and orders Choong-suk to escort Gongmin out. Gongmin can see Young struggling to hold up the sword so he asks the other Woodalchi to help Young. “Don’t let him fight alone!”

In response, Young orders his men to stay away. Ki Chul tries to get closer to Gongmin but Young swings his sword heavily at him. It misses Ki Chul and although Young continues to try to slay Ki Chul, his sword won’t move swiftly and Ki Chul is able to knocks it away from Young again.

Young is not about to give up however, so he picks up another sword and asks Choong-suk why he has not left with Gongmin yet. Gongmin declares that he will stay here, behind Young.

Ki Chul demands to see Eun-soo or he will kill everyone here in the palace. Young replies, “I can’t allow it,” and firmly grasps his sword with two hands. Ki Chul asks what Young is planning to do with his broken hand. Gongmin pleads with Young to back off this once. Young replies that he is okay. Gongmin continues to plea, saying that he knows there is something wrong with Young’s hand. Young replies that there is nothing wrong with his hand; it’s just that the sword is heavy.

Ki Chul laughs at Young and swings his sword at him. While at first it seems Ki Chul is pushing Young back, Young is finally able to push Ki Chul away from Gongmin and with a powerful swing, he cuts Ki Chul’s sword in half. Ki Chul is shocked and asks Young what kind of sword he is using. Young replies, “I told you. A heavy sword.”

In Young’s room, Eun-soo gets up from the bed and Lady Choi rushes over to her. Eun-soo looks around the room for Young and asks where he is. Lady Choi replies that he went to the palace briefly because something came up. She asks if Eun-soo is okay and Eun-soo replies that she’s feeling dizzy and her body aches all over. She breathes a sigh of relief, however, because she was afraid everything was going to turn out to be a dream.

Lady Choi tells Eun-soo that Young was with her the whole night. Eun-soo weakly replies, “He must have been very scared.” Lady Choi asks if she thinks the treatment worked. Eun-soo makes Lady Choi feel her forehead and Lady Choi remarks that there seems to be no fever. Eun-soo feels her pulse and says with happy exhaustion, “I must have survived!” Lady Choi hugs Eun-soo and pats her back in relief.

Dae-man is running around in the palace when he sees Hwasooin and Eum-ja fighting the guards and killing them. He runs off to alert the other Woodalchi that Hwa-Eum are coming for Eun-soo.

Young asks Gongmin if he had another reason for allowing this dangerous man (referring to Ki Chul) to enter the royal court. If not, can he kill him right away? Gongmin addresses Ki Chul. He knows Ki Chul wants to kill him but he wants to let Ki Chul live since Ki Chul is a citizen of Goryeo and he heard that Ki Chul’s empress sister also cares about Goryeo. He wonders if Ki Chul is ready to negotiate.

Ki Chul says to Gongmin, “At first, I thought you were simply a weak person with a lot of pride. But now I see you are a politician.” Addressing Young, he says, “A person like you can’t live under a king like him.” Young orders Ki Chul to watch his mouth but Ki Chul continues. “Kings like him only regard you as a hunting dog. He will be ready to throw you into boiling water in the name of duty and you will go in there willingly. You are like that.”

Young angrily sticks his sword into the ground and says to Ki Chul, “I warned you.” Ki  Chul won’t be threatened, however, and he continues to try to tempt Young. “The citizens don’t even know the king’s name but there are only a few that don’t know yours.” Ki Chul’s words remind Young of what the former king said, before he stabbed the Jeogwoldae captain- how the citizens trusted the Jeogwoldae captain more than the king. The king had asked if the person who protects the citizens is the Jeogwoldae captain or the king.

Ki Chul asks Gongmin what he has done by himself to be on the throne right now. Did he even shed a drop of blood? He points to Young and declares that Young was the one that gathered the Goryeo statesmen together. The military also follows Young. He gives a final jab at Gongmin’s confidence- “All you have it the title of king.” Ki Chul says to Young, “You should be the king.” He adds that he can get the decree from Yuan immediately.

Gongmin, his confidence not shaken, sighs at Ki Chul and says to Young, “That person wants your answer.” Young raises his head a little higher and declares, “I will give my answer to Your majesty. Seven years ago, someone I knew was asked a similar question. Because the question was too heavy, he was only able to answer with his life. Now I know that he was wrong.”

Gongmin worriedly exclaims, “Daejang.” Young clarifies his statement. “He was wrong because he ran away.” Ki Chul asks why Young doesn’t want to become a king. Young replies, “I already have a king. What else could I want?” Gongmin looks proud and relieved.

Young picks up his sword again and asks Gongmin if he wants to let Ki Chul live. Before Gongmin can answer, Ki Chul starts to leave the room, saying he has stalled enough. He bursts through the door but the Woodalchi are ready to attack him. Young yells for his men to back off, afraid that they will get hurt, and Ki Chul runs away. Young walks after him.

Deok-man gently places Dol-bae’s spear back by his side, where it should be.

Hwasooin and Eum-ja are making their way to the Woodalchi lair and as Eum-ja stays back to fight off the Woodalchi, Hwasooin continues on by herself. Dae-man runs ahead to warn Lady Choi that Hwa-Eum are coming and Lady Choi starts to prepare Eun-soo to run away to the palace. Eun-soo asks Dae-man about Young but at that moment, Hwasooin enters the room, smiling. She says, “What, you were hiding here all this time?”

Dae-man fights Hwasooin to allow Lady Choi to escape with Eun-soo. But Dae-man is no match for Hwasooin and  she burns his neck. Lady Choi goes back into the room to help Dae-man, leaving Eun-soo alone.

Another Woodalchi comes to find Eun-soo and warns her that Eum-ja is coming so they have to leave. He offers to escort her to the queen’s quarters.

Hwasooin has knocked down both Lady Choi and Dae-man. She starts to leave but Dae-man holds her back after grabbing a wet cloth. He uses it to block Hwasooin’s burning hand and with Hwasooin distracted, Lady Choi comes up from behind and stabs her. Hwasooin dies. (Joonni: I really shouldn’t be this happy about someone dying but my goodness, I screamed for joy. Finally!) Lady Choi asks Dae-man if he is okay and he just says, “Our doctor. Hurry!”

Eun-soo is thrown into a carriage with Yang-gak waiting for her. He knocks her out unconscious. The Woodalchi spy drives the carriage away.

Eum-ja has finally reached Young’s room and he finds Hwasooin dead. He rages in deadly fury.

Dae-man finds Young and reports that Eun-soo is not at the queen’s quarters. She appears to have gone missing. Before Young rushes off at this news, he checks Dae-man’s wound. Happy that he is alive, Young pats him on the head. (Joonni: Thank god this puppy didn’t die. Oh thank god.)

Noguk comes to see Gongmin, who is pacing in his room. She has heard that his room was ransacked so she asks what was it that Hwa-Eum were trying to find. Do-chi, who has been checking underneath the floorboards, shows Gongmin and Noguk the box with the medical tools. Gongmin thinks they are similar to Eun-soo’s tools but Noguk points out that they are not because they are rusted. The other eunuch hands Gongmin another box, which has the last page of Eun-soo’s diary in it. Gongmin remarks, “We will only know after the doctor sees this.”

Noguk asks about Young. Gongmin replies that he ordered a complete search of the capital and told Young to wait. He was worried Young would just be wandering around with his current mental state. Noguk worries about Eun-soo’s health. Gongmin is worried too and knows that Young left her behind to come to him.

Noguk says to Gongmin, “This kind of thought occurs to me. He brought someone from heaven against her will for me.” Gongmin replies, “To speak freely, he kidnapped her.” Noguk wonders, “Is heaven giving them hardships because she doesn’t belong here?” Gongmin replies that since he was the one that ordered Young to bring her here and not let her return, he should be the one receiving the hardships. Noguk, forever wonderful, offers to share the hardships. Gongmin asks why. Noguk answers that she has something to say to him once they find Eun-soo. It’s a word from heaven that the she learned from her. Gongmin asks Noguk to say it but she pleads off. She will tell him later when something happy happens to him. He suggests maybe when he takes down the Mongol barrier up north and reclaim the northern territory. Noguk agrees and Gongmin smiles. She places her hand over his and asks him to think about Eun-soo and Young. He replies yes.

Young has come back to his room. Lady Choi is sitting there, waiting for him. She tells her that Hwasooin’s body is gone and it seems that Eum-ja took her. Since he couldn’t carry both Hwasooin’s body and escape with Eun-soo, there must have been someone else.

Young asks how Eun-soo was and Lady Choi replies that since Eun-soo had a fever all night, not well. Young asks about the poison and Lady Choi tells him that Eun-soo thought she beat it. Young swallows hard and wants to leave right away to go look for her but Lady Choi calls him back. “Where are you going? The king said you should wait.”

Young yells, “I AM WAITING!” More quietly, he repeats, “I am waiting.” Lady Choi tells him to stay here so he doesn’t miss any information that comes in. Young faces Lady Choi and says weakly, “I feel like I am going to die right now. Right now. Me.” He takes his sword off the wall and leaves the room.

Young goes to see Gongmin. Gongmin informs Young that he has ordered emergency inspection points all the way to the border. Young knows that Ki Chul wants to go the portal. Wanting to go chase after him, Young exclaims that he knows the way there. Gongmin asks if Young will follow Eun-soo if he finds her. Young, thinking that Gongmin is scared that Young might go with Eun-soo, asks if that is why Gongmin held him back- to hear the answer to that question. Gongmin replies no. He just wanted Young to move after getting more information. He also wanted to hear the answer, “Yes,” from Young.

Gongmin: “I know how weary you here in this land. Do you plan to follow her?” (Joonni: So Gongmin wants to hear yes to this. Finally willing to let Young go and not be a warrior.) Young replies, “I already gave you my answer. I won’t follow what my teacher gave as an answer and the path he took. So I have already returned. Please help me bring back my woman too.” Gongmin holds back his tears and his relief to hear to that Young will come back to him. Taking Gongmin’s lack of response as permission to leave, Young bows and exits the room.

Shi-wool and Deok-man report to Young that soldiers and informants are out following and looking for Eun-soo, her kidnappers, and the Woodalchi spy.

Eun-soo wakes up to a sword at her neck. Eum-ja demands to know who killed Hwasooin but  Eun-soo doesn’t know. Before Eum-ja can hurt Eun-soo, Ki Chul tells him to back off and Eum-ja grudgingly obeys.

Ki Chul sits next to Eun-soo. Seeing how weak she looks, he asks if she is feeling unwell. Eun-soo asks if she has been kidnapped. Ki Chul replies no. She asks if he will let her leave then if she says she wants to. Ki Chul again replies no, she can’t. Eun-soo demands to know why Ki Chul is doing this. He tells her that they will be going to the heaven’s door together and through it together too. He also shows her the chest with Hwata’s third relic in it.

Ji-ho reports to the Suribang sister that they have spread the notice about Eun-soo to everyone they can, including beggars, so they are bound to find her. Suribang sister says that they have to or else, Young is going to live the rest of his life like a ghost again. “I can’t bear to see that again.” She remembers something and suggests to Ji-ho that they look around at different medicine shops. Wasn’t Ki Chul buying up all the medicine before?

Eun-soo opens the box and recognizes the relic. She starts to gasp at the realization that it definitely belongs to her this time.

With the help of Suribang informants, who located the Woodalchi spy, Ji-ho and the royal soldiers find Ki Chul’s hiding place. Unfortunately, Ki Chul has already left with Eun-soo. But because of the large Suribang information network, Young is able to find out where Eun-soo and Ki Chul are heading next. Choong-suk offers to sends soldiers with him but Young declares he will go alone.

Back in the palace, both Noguk and Gongmin pray and worry over their friends.

Inside the moving carriage, Eun-soo tells Ki Chul that while she is not completely certain, the notes left in the diary indicate that the portal to heaven has something to do with solar flares. She doesn’t know where and when this door connects too but seeing that Young went through and back, one round trip is at least possible. But she doesn’t know what will happen next. She warns Ki Chul that since this will be the first time Ki Chul will go through the portal, she doesn’t know where he might end up.

Ki Chul declares that he doesn’t care. All doors in the world are meant to be opened and walked across. Eun-soo wonders what Ki Chul will do once he goes through the door. He says he will continue to look for and gather anything and everything that will heal his body and fill the hole in his heart. Eun-soo agrees to escort him to the door but she wants him to let her go after that. Ki Chul refuses and declares that they will go together. Eun-soo pleads that she has to stay here but Ki Chul is adamant.

Ki Chul and Eun-soo stop by an inn for the night and Eun-soo secretly grabs a piece of charcoal when nobody is looking.

In the morning, Young is at the same inn, searching for Eun-soo. He doesn’t see any sign of her and is about to leave when he notices Eun-soo’s message in Hangul written in charcoal. Young recognizes it from the flashcard she once showed him, teaching him that it means she is okay.

Eun-soo’s kidnapping party comes up against an inspection point and Eum-ja fights off the soldiers, killing them all.

It is night again at another inn. Yang-gak buys up the whole inn for the night.

Young has finally caught up with Eun-soo. He jumps of his horse and heads into the inn.

Eun-soo is lying in bed while Ki Chul sits in a chair next to her, wincing in pain. She hears him and offers to feel his pulse. Ki Chul refuses, saying he can’t trust his body to someone he doesn’t believe. Eun-soo sighs in resignation. She is about to lie back down when she hears a loud banging outside. Ki Chul leaves to check out the commotion.

Young bursts through the inn door and attacks Eum-ja. They fight while Eun-soo, in her room, slices Ki Chul’s hand with the dagger that Young gave her and escapes from him.

Still fighting, Young maneuvers Eum-ja’s sword to stab Yang-gak. He dies. Eum-ja and Young continue to fight and Young finally kills Eum-ja too. (Joonni: Seriously, shouldn’t be this happy but I am. All the baddies are dying!!)

Ki Chul escapes the inn, closing the door behind him. Young follows after, opening the door. Before he leaves, he notices something behind him and turns. Eun-soo, who has been hiding from Ki Chul, steps out from the shadows to face Young.

Indescribably happy to see her, Young immediately asks her if she is okay. She silently nods yes. He asks if she is feeling ill and she nods no. Before he can allow himself to feel completely relieved, he asks her, “So is everything okay now?” Eun-soo finally finds her voice and she tearfully replies, “Yes.” Young asks for one last confirmation. “So will you be by my side from now on?” Eun-soo, feeling just as relieved and happy as Young, replies in a stronger voice, “Yes.” Hearing her assurance, Young tightly embraces Eun-soo and she cries tears of joy in Young’s strong arms. (Joonni: He doesn’t drop the sword this time!)

Eun-soo and Young lie in bed together. He says to her, “The door opens tomorrow, right?”  Eun-soo confirms. He asks if she will okay, worried how she feels about saying goodbye to her world forever. He knows that she has people she would like to say goodbye to through the door. Eun-soo asks him if she can, wanting to at least say goodbye in front of the portal. He says he will escort her there.

Eun-soo worries about Ki Chul also being there though, and asks if Young will be able to beat him if they fight. Unlike Young’s answer to the same question before, this time he answers with a smile that he can probably beat Ki Chul.

As Young continues to look at Eun-soo with a smile on his face, Eun-soo asks why he is looking at her like that. He replies, “To remember you because I don’t have to forget you anymore.” Eun-soo caresses Young’s face and traces his nose and lips. Young takes her hands and kisses it. He asks her to sleep and she closes her eyes. He continues to look at her and brushes her hair behind her ear.

Ki Chul has reached the portal and it is open. Excited, he tries to go through it but it repels him.

Young and Eun-soo walk through a field with a large tree, arm-in-arm. Ki Chul is at the same field and he sees them. Looking dangerously ill and psychotic, Ki Chul informs Eun-soo that the door is open. Eun-soo replies that her calculations must have been right then. Ki Chul asks her to teach him how to go through the portal. Eun-soo replies, “You just go in.” Ki Chul doesn’t believe her and says, “You continue to deceive me, mercilessly ignoring my sincerest desire.”

Young doesn’t like how angry Ki Chul is getting so he asks Eun-soo to stand back. Ki Chul furiously screams at Eun-soo, “Answer me!” Young orders Ki Chul to stop. Ki Chul declares that there is only this land in this world. “Death will end everything. There is nothing more!” Ki Chul starts to run toward Eun-soo. Young tries to block him but Ki Chul pushes him out of the way. As Ki Chul gets closer to Eun-soo, Young throws his sword at him, piercing Ki Chul through his back.

Young steps in front of Ki Chul to keep him from Eun-soo. Ki Chul takes this chance of close proximity and starts to freeze Young, declaring that he will take Young with him to see what is next after this world. Unable to free himself from Ki Chul’s suicidal and desperate grasp, Young falls to the ground, frozen. Ki Chul also falls.

Eun-soo screams as she runs over to Young and starts to do CPR on him. Young watches her in his frozen state. In voiceover we hear Young ask, “Why was it this person?” (Joonni: Remember what Young asked Dae-man before- why did he bring Eun-soo out of all the other people in heaven? This question is reflective of that. Young has always been wondering  why Eun-soo came into his life.)

Ki Chul gets up and picks up Young’s sword. He walks over to Eun-soo and stabs the ground next to Young. He grabs Eun-soo and proceeds to drag her away. Young lies alone in the field, watching Eun-soo leave, unable to do anything. In voiceover, we hear what Young is thinking. “I wasted so much time thinking that. Father, I finally found it. Is it too late now?”

Young remembers his first meeting with Eun-soo, bringing her through portal, and picking her up with his arms. He remembers her cupping his cheek and playfully tapping his shoulder.  He remembers how she put the flower in his hair and how he leaned on her shoulder. He also remembers the sad moments when he wiped the blood off her ear and saw her cry for his sake. He remembers when she taught him the handshake and when she smiled at him brightly, waving goodbye.

Ki Chul drags Eun-soo to the portal. Eun-soo escapes from Ki Chul by going through the portal but Ki Chul can’t follow her. He falls on his knees and draws his final icy and empty breath.

Eun-soo walks out of the portal and she is back in Seoul. In voiceover, we hear Young says, “But that person will answer like this. It’s okay. Everything will turn out fine. This is just the beginning.”

Eun-soo runs back to the hospital she works. She is ambushed by a nurse who introduces her to the Japanese reporters who have come to interview her. Eun-soo pleads off, asking the nurse to take care of them. Before she leaves, she grabs the reporter’s bag. Back in her room, she packs the bag with her medical supplies and things off her table like the portable projector and her necklace.

The nurse calls the police to report that Eun-soo, the kidnpapping victim, has come back but she is acting really strange, dressed in weird clothing.

Eun-soo runs back to the portal and we hear in the background the news report of a solar flare. In voiceover, we hear what Eun-soo wrote in her diary later, in reflection of this day. “The time in Seoul when I ran only thinking of saving him. What went wrong and when? What did I need to return back to the person I left?” Eun-soo takes one last look back at her world and walks through the portal.

We see the last page of Eun-soo’s diary still on Gongmin’s table, never to be read by Eun-soo again. We also continue to hear Eun-soo’s diary entry. “Was my longing not enough or was it my faith?”

Eun-soo comes back through the portal and she runs to the field where she left Young. But Young is not there and Eun-soo realizes she has traveled to a different time. We hear the narration again: “I grew far from him again.” Eun-soo heads back to the portal but it is too late. The portal has closed. We continue to hear Eun-soo’s narration: “Leaving that person dying, I was left alone in a world a hundred years earlier than his.”

A sad montage of Eun-soo and Young play for us. (Joonni: And at this point during my live-watch, I was a wreck. Literally. My hair was a mess and I was screaming, “No, no, no, no, no!” I was thrashing in my seat, trying desperately to keep my hands on the keyboard.)

Eun-soo resides in the house we saw in her dream before. She pulls out her things from the backpack- the necklace, the diary, the film canister, and the projector. Eun-soo writes in her diary to herself like we saw in her dream. Eun-soo narrates, “Still, I believe everyday that on that day, that person didn’t die. I believe.

Eun-soo uses the portable projector to watch a video of her mom and dad. She talks to them as the video plays. When her mom asks about her cold, Eun-soo replies that she got all better. When her mom asked if she got the food she sent her, Eun-soo replies that she wants to eat her mom’s potatoes but they don’t have potatoes here. In the video, Eun-soo’s mom urges her dad to say something too but he is too shy. Eun-soo waves hi to her dad tearfully, even though he can’t see her. Right at the moment her father is about to say something, the projector dies. Eun-soo is once again alone with not even a picture of her family to comfort her heart.

Eun-soo travels in the same clothing we saw her do before. Eun-soo is at the portal again. We hear her narration: “Someone once said this. A longing heart creates a connection. Only memories will make that moment come true.”

The portal opens again and Eun-soo walks through it and she returns to Seoul. Eun-soo walks back into the portal and she is back in the past. But as everything seems to be exactly the same, Eun-soo doesn’t know exactly what year she has landed in.

Eun-soo goes to the inn to eat and she sees the soldiers there in Goryeo uniform. She stops one to asks (in old Korean speak) why Goryeo soldiers are in Yuan territory. The soldier asks her how this could be Yuan territory when Goryeo fought Yuan and took over this land. He wonders how she could not know this. Was she hiding deep in the mountains somewhere?

Cautiously, Eun-soo asks for the former king’s posthumous name and he tells her it is Choong-jung. Hearing this, she excitedly asks how long the current king has been king and she finds out it’s been five years.

The soldier is called over by someone and she sees that is Deok-man, looking older with a mustache. She also sees Dae-man, who is no longer the puppy of the group, and he is ordering his juniors the same way Young used to. Choong-suk also enters the room, looking for Young. Deok-man tells him that Young went to the tree again. Dae-man adds that whenever Young goes there, he always stays at three nights and four days. So he should go bring him some food.

Eun-soo has run back to the field with the large tree she left Young at before. Young is sitting behind the tree, looking out into the vast sky, when he hears footsteps behind him. He slowly turns around and sees Eun-soo. In return, Eun-soo’s eyes widen in shock. Young calmly walks toward her like he was always ready and expecting to see her again someday.  Eun-soo doesn’t say anything and neither does Young. They just stare at each and smile, as tears of joy fill their eyes. They have come far and waited long but now they are finally together. Yes, their love transcended time and space.

Joonni’s comments:

First, my most sincerest and special thanks to Softy who helped create this community and enthusiasm with her live recaps and tireless updating. I have always admired her for how much heart she puts into her dramas, how unafraid she is to love and praise and wear her heart on her sleeve. I have always considered myself to be very lucky because I always meet the best people and with Softy, I know this luck continues. She is like my very own Young whose loyalty to her readers and drama fans always amazes me and makes me want to follow in her footsteps. I feel incredibly privileged to have recapped this drama with her. Beyond what I can express with mere words.

And all my readers. You guys already know how much I love you all. Thank you for making this journey so much fun. Thank you for always encouraging me and Softy. Thank you for loving this drama as much as we did and more.

I am elated. Absolutely elated. After all that worrying and anxiety because I had no idea how this drama would end, this has got to be the most satisfactory ending ever for me. My heart feels so much at ease and I am right there, right now, with Young and Eun-soo feeling every last bit of their happiness and love for each other. What I feel is indescribable right now and I am having trouble forming the words to properly give tribute to this drama.

The time-traveling story: In short, despite the small holes and questions here and there, I love it. I think I was so curious about the time-travel mechanism because I saw it merely as a plot device to keep Eun-soo and Young apart and I thought the writer was being really secretive and stingy just for the dramatic tension. But after watching this final episode, I understand why she did that. Because it is in the uncertainty about how the time-traveling works by Eun-soo and us viewers that is at the heart of Eun-soo’s love. Writer Song didn’t want the time-travel thing to be perfectly explained or figured out by Eun-soo before she went through the portal to save Young. She didn’t want us to be able to calculate where and when Eun-soo was going to end up. She didn’t want us to know how many times Eun-soo would go through the portal again and again to get to Young. She kept all these details from us till the end because she wanted us to go through the journey with Eun-soo together, through the years she waited for Young and went back and forth through the portal, not knowing where she was going to end up. Writer Song didn’t want us to know until Eun-soo knew so we can experience everything with her, which made this ending so powerful for me. And we could also feel what Young went through, not knowing anything about the portal at all. He just waited with the simple belief that Eun-soo will somehow come back to him because she said, “Everything will be okay.” God, how awesome is this. Writer Song, I have loved all your works so far but admittedly, I was a little worried about this one. I am sorry for ever doubting you.

This final episode wasn’t perfect, objectively, and I can definitely see the holes in the writing and directing. But screw it, I will forgive everything just because of what this ending did for me. My heart is about to burst because Young’s and Eun-soo’s love was so overwhelmingly beautiful, sincere, and transcendent. They never let go of each other and the hope to see one another again, despite all the uncertainty that time and space drew between them. Eun-soo had no idea if Young was still alive but she was willing to sacrifice everything to find him again. She was willing to wait years by herself in an unfamiliar world to get back to him. And Young waited for her, despite not knowing what happened to her and how the portal worked.

Are the tears that are falling down on my face the price I pay for making all those criticisms? My brain stands by them but not my heart. My heart is too full of love and joy right now because ultimately, there is nothing more powerful than love in my book.

I love a wide variety of dramas, from dark thrillers to romantic comedies. But the dramas I love most and last in my heart forever are always about people I can admire and respect, no matter how fictional they are. And there were so many to admire in this drama.

The Woodalchi puppies who were sometimes incompetent but always loyal. Lady Choi who was a constant source of sanity and competence. Noguk whose beauty, wisdom, and strength is too great even more a queen. Gongmin whose love and faith in his citizens should be emulated by other rulers. Young whose sense of loyalty and responsibility was both a source of power and weakness. Young, who showed us that he just a mere human behind the armor, sword, and honor. Yet he also showed us that a human being’s greatest source of strength is love. And finally Eun-soo. My Eun-soo. My darling, darling Eun-soo. My love for her hits me the hardest because I didn’t care much for her in the beginning. I just thought she was funny, and a nice, modern contrast to everyone in Goryeo. But now, my heart hurts the most for her. My heart is the most happiest for her. Because her love was the most powerful of all. Stronger than fear. Stronger than death. Stronger than time. Stronger than space.

Strangely, I don’t feel the need to say goodbye to this drama like I did before with others. Despite being historically set in Goryeo, the story feels so timeless. And now it is such a huge part of my heart, always there to stay. How do you say goodbye to a piece of your heart? You don’t. You hold onto to it, never letting go. Just like Young and Eun-soo. I won’t say goodbye.

I know Softy has already put the cap in her comments but I just love it too much not to do it again.

EDIT: Had to leave this comment here because a thought just occurred to me.

Faith taught me to rethink epic.  Epic doesn’t mean huge battles or flashy CG. It doesn’t mean prefect directorial execution. It doesn’t mean heroes saving the world. It doesn’t mean grand gestures.

With Faith, the epic was in the journey the hearts that our Young, Eun-soo, and Gongmin took. It was in the the small, personal struggles. It was in the smallest gestures of a glance and touch. I now stand amazed by the epic-ness of Faith in all its quiet moments. Thank you, Writer Song, for showing me that.

Softy’s comments:

Now that this episode has sunk in a bit, I finally have some thoughts on it.  I wasn’t expecting a major make out session or more hugs in that last scene. This drama ended as quietly as it started -with simplicity and grace. No histrionics – just a simple silent tearful greeting between two people who have waited years for each other. Not sure any sageuk has done romance like this, but what a great precedence it set for others to follow. I must admit at first all that going back and forth confused the crap out of me so I didn’t know if she was coming or going, but then I realized she was just biding her time till one day she got it right and came back closer to where Young was waiting all along. It was great closure to see an ending for the traveling Eun Soo as well cuz I wasn’t expecting that one day present Eun Soo would be turning into her. That was a clever plot twist many didn’t see coming. Overall I am 99% satisfied, but I do have one issue. What the heck was that pathetic growth on Young’s face supposed to elicit – laughter? Cuz it worked. Smack dab in the middle of typing I was like “omg – that’s all the stubble you can grow in 5 yrs time?” it looked like his stylist glued it on one strand at a time and ran out of time. plus what happened to all the other woodalchi? They all forgot how to shave after Eun Soo left? No woman to impress so they let themselves go? I get the writer was trying to age all of them, but change their uniform or hair style – don’t make them all look homeless is all I am saying.  In all seriousness though, we saw how Eun Soo lived all this time, but I wonder how Young managed to wait each year. At least he had his king, his aunt, and his woodalchi around him so he was better off than her. She seemed so lonely traveling by herself. I really loved this series so I was totally ready to embrace any kind of ending they gave us, but thank goodness it was one that made more sense than others. I guess the lesson to be learned here is trusting in the good intention of the writer pays off and this was her reward. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Written before it aired: After the dust from E23 settled, I can see what’s coming up more clearly. Here are the facts. History has shown that Young doesn’t die at this time. He goes on and lives to be a grandfather. Given that Faith is a story based loosely on historical figures, there is no guarantee it will stay true to actual recorded events. That means he won’t be following Eun Soo to her world more than likely. Eun Soo’s fate is a little more uncertain since she is a fictional character as far as we know and so are all these powers these characters possess along with the time traveling aspect. Since there have been reports that they filmed at the temple again where the portal to heaven lies, more than likely this story will go there. Whether Eun Soo goes through that alone or chooses to remain is what no one knows for certain yet.  At this point, it really doesn’t make sense for these two to fall in love and separate, but I doubt the writer will see it our way. Also neither one of them should have died anyway. That’s why when Eun Soo woke up yesterday, it dawned on me that the writer never intended to kill off Young or Eun Soo from the start. I hate to say it, but the “typical Korean” way to end their love story would be to have them separate. I don’t get why so many Korean dramas go there, but “happily ever after” really is a concept that eludes the writers for the most part. If you don’t believe me compare American or British dramas to Korean ones and tell me which one has the highest rate of ending badly for the main couples and Kdramas will win by a landslide. Having said that, recent kdramas have come a long way and decided to opt for the Disney version once in a while for their finales, but those are still very rare and far between. Maybe it’s the Pollyanna in me talking, but I sure hope Eun Soo stays. If the time traveling Eun Soo had any say in this, she would make her remain with Young. Why would any woman knowingly go through all that trouble to travel around alone looking like she lost everything in the world that meant anything to her if she had the chance now to change her future and remain happy by his side now? Not to mention I can’t think of one thing that would make Young want her to leave his world if she really did recover from her poison. My main concern tonight is for how they will resolve this problem with KC and his ruthless retinue. I say throw all three into that portal and let them get run over by trucks as soon as they arrive. If somehow they manage to cross the street intact, pretty sure the police will swoop in and lock them up for looking so insane. Actually since Eum is sort of good looking, with the right haircut, he could get some jobs as a model I bet. What he does best is to sit around and look good like he is posing so he is already one step ahead of the modeling game. Not sure how Hwa would survive in our world, but more than likely she is going to scare off men for the rest of her life so the idea of her living alone and unhappy sounds like great punishment.  That would make her wipe that smirk off her face permanently. Wow did I really just write all that down without even thinking twice about it. It’s amazing what lack of sleep mixed in with euphoria will do to a person – it’s like you are on some kind of new adrenaline rush. Where are those “kisspirins” everyone is talking about – I could use a batch right about now. Actually I don’t take aspirin so if I could get mine easy on the aspirin and more about the kiss that would be perfect. If any character other than Young administers it then I will pass. Wait – I might make an exception for Deok-man. 🙂

I want to thank Joonni for inviting me over to help recap Faith. Recapping live has been a way of life for me for the past two years, but there have only been a handful of dramas with this much fan fervor and I had a blast here these past weeks and months. Even though we were already friends from OB, I want to think this drama brought us even closer through our many late night texting sessions and emails. I learned a lot from the way you work so meticulously on each recap and hope to apply that much devotion to my recaps from here on. Thank you for all the lessons on the Korean language and sageuk terms cuz I feel honored to have been taught by the master who tackled QIHM. Looking forward to reading more of your work in the future and hope to be invited back if there is ever another great drama like this. *giant virtual hugs* 🙂

To all our beloved readers: I used to think my kdrama experience during coffee prince and SKKS were the most exciting until I saw the love and attention Faith received from all of you. I don’t think the Faith cast knows how much they owe to you guys for keeping the show alive with all your enthusiasm and fandom. Every time I saw music videos, gifs, clips, illustrations, insightful comments, or any kind of contribution, I kept thinking how lucky Faith is to be loved by so many. No other drama has garnered so much online attention in recent years so I hope the Faith cast and crew will one day learn about you guys and appreciate everything you did. Thank you for every word of love and support. 🙂

P.S. Thanks to Sunshine and everyone else who has been helping her on her song. I thought your original voice was really good so I didn’t see why you were so shy about it. If I sang, dogs would come to my door so it was wise of me not to volunteer my services. My sister thinks she can carry a tune, but I have to constantly remind her we are related so being tone deaf does not apply just to me. She chooses to live in denial and sings at the top of her lungs and I choose to move out of hearing range and pretend not to know her. Your song has been the highlight of this series for me cuz what a treat to have lyrics with my name on them. I had music videos dedicated to me before, but this is the first song. It’s an honor that I am going to treasure for life so thank you for all your time and effort in getting it completed. Joonni and I are eagerly looking forward to hearing the finished version.  *hugs* 🙂

Just wanted to say this was the scene that solidified my instinct that this drama could do no wrong. LMH nailed every line of dialogue and every intonation in his speech reflected a range of emotions his character was going through in this moment. It was a visual transformation of a warrior facing his conscience for the first time in his life through the eyes of a woman who finally made him see the light.

Couldn’t resist one more. Man this guy knows how to channel his character’s angst doesn’t he?

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  1. anna #

    hello evrybody,,,im hoping for the part 2, showing the life of our imja couple. im missing the imja couple so much, im watching this drama again…thanks for this site, i enjoy reading all ur comments…

    November 5, 2012
  2. Claudia #

    I have to say this Drama was totally the best for me!!!! I totally liked the way the leading actors worked with all that chemistry it truly felt real for me!! Choi Young sure is hot and a great role for a man!!

    November 22, 2012
  3. Claudia #

    what I would like to know is the part when Choi Young says that he “Why was it this person?” and if he is too late? what does he means by all this… ??

    November 22, 2012
  4. Although the last episode was quite exciting for me in order to know about the things she find, i ended up more confused !… I have many Q.s .. like

    1- why LK couldn’t go through the gate ?

    2- Now the writer presnted 2 ES , the one left the notebook..etc and chose a different path that’s why she left those writings to guide the new one.. My Q now is where did the old one go ??? she stayed in 1205 according to what i understood, so she never went back to future , let’s say she left CY and regret it then when she came back through the gate she was left in 1205 and never tried to keep looking like the new one !!! Then how did the new ES come from the future !!!… Old one chose to leave CY but she ended up in different time !. *sigh* that is totally driving me crazy !! i wish i can understand the whole thing, the last episode was really confusing and bcoz of that i didn’t enjoy the happy ending at all ..

    3- As per the last episode , they loved each other already , how couldn’t they remember that ??? in one of the episodes she had a dream about last part exisiting in her notebook and kept looking for that to know what’s next which means she’s the same person but she doesn’t understand any of that !!! Does it make any sense ??

    Thanks to your comments i understood many missing parts but still i wish i can find answers to these Q.s …

    December 19, 2012
  5. Time travel is complicated we all know that so I believe that the Eun Soo that got to the 1350 wasn’t the same I believe she at least travel once before why? because of her dream and the fact that she urged herself not to run away like she did before, from the letter on episode 19, another clue hwata t was an exagerated myth but it obviously existed prior to 1250 since we hear the story on episode 1. Now how do we know of at least three travels one she left the diary but she knows that the prince never let her see it so she left the page on the canister but that doesn’t make sense since she didn’t know he burn it, and if it was so complicated to read it why make the diary if she could just leave everything on the photo canister, since she knew it was going to be a hustle to get it from KC and then from the prince, I believe she didn’t know that till it happened once to her so she changed the strategy and wrote a separate letter on the canister, that tells us of two separate times then episode one the fortune teller says the men from your past not the man from your past but she reveals to Doctor Jang that she never paid attention to any man since she knew that he wasn’t the one. The story of Choi Young the real person, has two versions of how he died, there is a myth sourrounding him and I believe the writer took advantage of that fact to create the one from the drama. Now these are just my theories after watching it many times and watching other time traveling stories and the fact that it is 3 in the morning (don’t hold it against me), I am a bit sure about 90% about this, another thing, when we see Choi Young frozen on the lake episode 4 I think he has his memories are confused, why? Well, he is frozen and we see that he was frozen on episode 24 by KC, firts she brought him to life when she cried over his cheek and if we go by what ES said that she loves the rain when the first drop falls on her forhead we can see a parallel between his being frozen and his dad asking him about her… who is her I believe it was ES and that is why the director cut the kiss scene with his fiance from the drama. Then after he is frozen he goes back to the frozen lake just that this time is defrosted and we see the yellow flowers around and the dad says it has never been frozen that is a bit odd but we know in ep 24 she starts with the cpr but she can’t do it because KC forced her to walk away from him and he continues the conversation with his dad, That to me is another clue of what he was talking about in episode 4 was ES. Like I said time traveling is complicated and this is what I came up with maybe after reading the book I change my mind. Hopefully the book is ever publish in english.

    January 7, 2013
    • I have to edit myself because it sounds as I am rambling…
      I believe this is how the order goes…
      first she writes the pink diary
      then she knows now that the prince and Gi cheol take it away from her
      she writes the letter on the canister under the rock
      why I insist she met Choi young prior to 1350 because according to her dream he dies on her arms once, she has to be back further earlier than 1250 to be Hwata so she goes back and changed something to make it all start all over hence the lack of memories when they meet on 1350… they feel attraction from the beginning because the mind can’t remember but the heart does.

      January 7, 2013
      • WendyM #

        interesting your take of CY dreams of the frozen lake and how you think is ES the person he said was still on his heart to his dad on Ep4.

        For me the dreams of CY talking to his dad is one way in which the writer Song Ji Na uses metaphors to show CY’s mind. The dreams are reflection of his mind state or self reflection (by talking to dad) since he is not the expressive kind of person. The lake is frozen or during winter because his heart is cold and he has no reason nor does not want to live. Once CY starts feeling some reason to live, because his interaction with ES, the lake is not longer frozen in his dream…that is after Ep8 after killing the young King. When the dad asks “have you find it yet?” it is A reason to live what the dad is asking. The lake in spring me that represents hope and CY seen the his different from before….at the end on Ep24 he talks again to dad and say that he found the reason but wasted too much time thinking why her (ES).

        I do however think that the person he says was on his heart back at Ep4 still is Mae Hee though. But I do find interesting that you thought is ES. Another reason to read the novel then! And rewatch the series.

        January 7, 2013
        • I rewatched it so many times to get to this conclusion and I tell you why, I might be wrong but that is the beauty of Science fiction is so open that you can draw so many conclusions and never reach the one that might be right. It is so broad that you can continue for years and years and end up with a lot and nothing at the same time. That is why I love it so much. But going back to Faith, CY couldn’t be so in love with MH to be cold for seven years, because if Eun Soo said that she couldn’t fall for any guy because she knew there was a man in her heart, he had to had her in his heart too, he loved MH as a sister but not as a lover. We have to think that ES made more than one trip and in one of those trips she met CY and he died, hence her dream of him being dead and the letter on the canister about not leaving the king on his moment of need because CY would not be able to forgive himself or her for that matter, so MH wasn’t an important part in his life because in another time he met ES. I don’t know if you get what I am saying because it is hard for me to explain my theory. Then we see CPR scene where he is frozen if in deed that represents the state of his heart it wouldn’t have melt by her tears calling his name during the CPR session. is there where I say that it represents what the author said that happened on ep 24, he was frozen and was dying and a drop of water fell on his cheek and he started to remember what she said about the rain and melted and woke up, now that is a parallel with the CPR scene in episode 4. She is crying calling him and one tear falls on his cheek and the ice cracked and he woke up from the comma. Remember ep 15 when she was poisoned when was it that ES remembered the scene where he is dead in that house and she is crying? It was when she was dying in a comma same as he was dying and in a comma…

          April 7, 2013
  6. faith #

    hi all, i have some question, perhaps already discussed before:

    1. why her color still brown when she returned to 1355 (just before final ending), well she should stay for sometime right in 1250 (for some duration we don’t know).. the hair should have got longer

    2. still dont get the ‘dont do like me’ parts.. if this is parallel universe, where is the older ES.. so actually how many ‘probable’ alternate universe ES has created

    answers/thought will be greatly appreciated.thanks!

    January 21, 2013
  7. WendyM #

    My thoughts on this
    1. Hair color…I am not sure if ES was intended to be redhead naturally in the story and the dye-red fiery color toned down to brown overtime. The hair in my opinion was supposed to be longer this is another production overlook….unless she got a haircut in Goryeo circa 1250.

    2. “don’t do like me” part…..I thought a lot about the time travel. If you think about it since she goes from Modern Seoul 2012 to 1351, 1250 and later stays from 1355 until she dies but she is then born around 1970’s then she lived this story over and over. It is perhaps the longest love story which is so romantic. The author does not make this very clear as she did a Q&A and says that ES dream of CY in a room dying did not come to reality because of ES current decisions, same probable for the Queen not dying etc. I think future ES probably made some decisions once in her time in 1351 that she regrets and that is why she left the diary letters to ES to read and guide her. Of course this has holes…does not explain the dreams. Another way I thought of it is that the reasons why future ES now in 1250 cannot find the portal open to get back to CY is due to what ES in 1351 is doing and that is why ES in the 1250 leaves her notes etc to guide her. At the end the future ES is the one that comes back to CY that is alive in 1355 because her decision to leave the aspirin bottle buried in the place CY found it in 1351 and lived.

    The time travel has holes and open to think about it differently. Still is a good story!

    January 21, 2013
  8. faith #

    hi Wendy, thank you 🙂

    1. yeah the color might be prod overlook.. because other than her natural hair is brown, her hair should already be longer, if she cut it, the upper part also should be black already, unless too, she can do coloring in that era

    2. yeah agree.. time travel is always interesting (and confusing).. i got what you mean.. i also have another question.. if i am not mistaken, during 1350 (the all along we have been watching), she said after this one, the portal will only open in 60 years time.. but the questions is.. 60 years after 1350 should be around 1410 and not 1355.. how come ES from 1250 can travel to 1355? is it like one way journey? so say, when ES arrived in 1355 she has no way to come in again to the portal (‘arrival’ mode)… but however, perhaps she miscaculate or just a predictable event of nature.. or faith.. right hehe 🙂


    January 21, 2013
    • WendyM #

      Yes kind of a Round trip from time A to time B while the portal is open. The Einstein wormhole theory says that there is a shortcut path like a tunnel or bridge that connect to planes of space (time). Of course this is a theory not something that has been proved.

      According to ES in the notebook the dates were when the portal opens both in “Heaven” and Goryeo. She calculated that the portal would connect back to 2012 from Goryeo (when CY originally crossed it) when she left at the end of Ep24 and 67 years later ~1418. When she goes back in 1351 to Seoul 2012 the portal closes in Goryeo 1351 but then in Seoul 2012 when she comes back from the hospital with the medicines is open and she crosses but ends up in 1250. She goes to the tree and comes back but is closed and she waits in 1250 until it opens again and connects to Seoul presumably year 2012 again? then she crosses back to Goryeo and is 1355. The other dates in the notebook could have been other dates in the future or past they never said…

      Whether is faith or not where it sent her…well…you can believe in the science theory or the destiny/fate theory.

      January 21, 2013
  9. zen #

    Hi, I am wondering would you happen to know the name of the song in this first episode where choi yuoung is in front of the cctv trying to get to eun soo?

    February 11, 2013
  10. Viiiii #

    The last ep. kind of confused me..I wished they spent more time on the last episode because it felt like a waste of time with that reoccurring poison mumbojumbo >.<

    February 19, 2013
  11. Viiiii #

    The last ep. kind of confused me.Thankfully you cleared this up..I wished they spent more time on the last episode because it felt like a waste of time with that reoccurring poison mumbojumbo >.< But I thought Choi Young was paralyzed from the did he survive…???

    February 19, 2013
    • WendyM #

      Joonni translated some Q&A directly from the writer Song Ji Na that answers that but it was not filmed!!! and while CY was frozen he stretched his hand to touch a yellow flower near him and buried in the ground sticking was an aspirin bottle. He takes his own aspirin bottle from his robes and compare to the one he found, looks up to the sky and some rain droplets hit his face as he remembers ES. Then his heart began to beat louder. So it was supposed to convey the idea that he understood that ES left that bottle as a message for him that she is not giving up trying to find her way to him and he finds a will to survive, the only thing they filmed was his thoughts at the end when he is talking to his dad etc.

      February 20, 2013
  12. I think the reason why the bottle scene wasn’t filmed is because it leaves more questions than answers, I love this drama and I think that the acting was superb and my IMJA couple would be forever in my mind but the writer and the director were not ready for a science fiction drama, the romance was superb but he science fiction part was lacking, I am a fan of science fiction movies and books so I can spot so many questions that were not answered and maybe it was because they didn’t see them. First why was the need for her to write the note on the canister, what was the difference between it and the first part she wrote on the notebook, this was key to the plot but it wasn’t addressed, she didn’t need to write a secondary note because she didn’t see the prince burn it and she didn’t know what happened yes we can argue that when she went to the door after Choi Young was stabbed she left the note to herself but it doesn’t click why she said don’t run like I did to her the main point was to save the queen because the king was going to go crazy and CY was going to hate her and hate himself and die so then he wasn’t stab and how did she knew that the queen died and they went crazy and suicidal? She never mentioned on the second letter that he was going to be stabbed by the tree that would be more relevant right? why? because she didn’t know that, that is the answer this letter was written on another trip she made where she met them and this scenario happened and because she took another approach it was changed, So if we ananlyzed the whole drama there are more wholes than answers, why did she saw him dying when she was poisoned and why did the guy said that a woman saved a thief and he took over the town when that didn’t happened when she was there that means it was an alternative reality and why did the guy from Yuan knew about CY was going to be “killed” by her but that didn’t happened, there are more questions but I leave you those and the reason I believe this makes no sense sometimes is because the writer or the director didn’t know how to do a drama of this genre….

    February 20, 2013
    • WendyM #

      Completely agree Lupita. I love the story but the time-travel/SciFi aspect has many many holes. I even purchased the the first book in Korean and I am reading it slowly as I learn Korean to see if the writer get’s to solve some of those issues that was poorly done during the drama series. I find more guilt in the director for cutting things that would explain better certain behavior of the characters now that I am reading the book I get more mad at this director and more in love with the writer. But having said that the budget was low and they made a very nice story nevertheless. I only wish it had more budget or time to polish it. It would have been an extraordinary super production so I just have my own imagination to give me that now.

      February 20, 2013
  13. Ain Nisa #

    Halo from indonesia. I also a big fan of this drama and watching it over and over again. It feels eternal. And the amazing thing is, unlike hollywood, this drama is incredibly romantic even without sex or too much Public Display Affections here and there. Its nice too your review because the translation in our DVD here is not too good, so there are lots of important dialogues I missed. Thank u!

    April 11, 2013
    • Ain Nisa #

      Do you know any online shop that sells the book? How many books are they? Thx

      April 11, 2013
  14. WendyM #

    @Ain Nisa
    I think ~4 books?

    The book 1 only in Korean available in this store

    Book 2 is delayed but it should be available soon is what I read in the board of the author Song Ji Na .

    April 11, 2013
  15. これはケースにはこの機能については必ずしも直接的だが同様の項目があることがどのように表示されるか正確にについてなど不格好クラスケースを運搬によって屈辱はありません

    April 21, 2013
  16. Heidi Lyon #

    Having just watched all 24 episodes in 3 days (yeah, I’m friggin tired of staying up till 3am to do it after work!), I can’t say I’ve ever seen a better kdrama. I love many of them, and some really have stuck with me (Full House, Winter Wind) but this one has created a whole new place in my heart. And I think I fell in love with LMH so completely my husband won’t ever look the same 🙂

    Thanks so much for your recaps and reviews, they got me interested enough to watch and I’m SO glad I did!

    May 2, 2013
    • joonni #

      Awesome to hear. Welcome to the family of Faith fans!

      May 3, 2013
    • Agnes #

      Hi Heidi 🙂

      welcome to the family (just like joonni said)! i also in love with Faith, my first time watched Faith was on mid March, and i still re watch it till today, and hear the soundtracks everyday 🙂

      @ Joonni : how are you feeling? getting better?

      May 28, 2013
  17. Emma R. De Jesus #

    Love this series mostly from the romantic angle. Now I’m convinced that Lee Min Ho is a great actor who can convey different emotions. I was entertained and truly believed that love conquers all.

    May 22, 2013
  18. Hi!

    Thanks for a great recap. I just watched it several days ago, and now my family watched it, too. And, to my surprise, for some reason they think that Young and Eun-Soo didn’t end up together. I’m not sure how that’s possible since the dorama makes it plain and clear that they did. So, I started searching online for recaps/discussions to make sure that I wasn’t imagining things. And I stumbled upon this blog 🙂

    Now I know that I’m not crazy 🙂

    June 23, 2013
  19. jooni, sorry before caused I’ve quoted your summary of this movie. why?, because I need it to complete my assignment. Thank you so much before. you’re excellent.

    July 10, 2013
    • joonni #

      Just curious. What kind of assignment? It’s pretty awesome you can write about K-drama for school.

      July 11, 2013
  20. Hachi #

    Loved Faith, love Lee Minho even more…Just read everyone’s recap on the last episode and in all honesty, i still don’t get/know what happened. I still don’t understand the ending at all and its really giving me headache cause am so much trying to understand it. The everything.

    July 23, 2013
    • Hachi #

      ****NOW I UNDERSTAND****


      July 25, 2013
  21. Gilbert #

    dat was amaising sereas i have never seen en i have realy liked it

    July 24, 2013
  22. Agath #

    Very Interesting but what really happened to Gongmin and Noguk, the King and Queen of Goryeo where they able to have another baby according to Eun-soo prophecy.

    Eun-soo the talkative, you’re such a lovely person

    Young, you greatly love.

    October 22, 2013
  23. Agatha #

    Very Interesting but what really happened to Gongmin and Noguk, the King and Queen of Goryeo where they able to have another baby according to Eun-soo prophecy.

    Eun-soo (Imja) the talkative, you’re such a lovely person but I really love and enjoyed you and young together.
    Young, you greatly loved.

    October 22, 2013
  24. Faithy #

    What I’m curious about is how long did Choi Young waits for Eun Soo. (yeaah! I am a curious person- VERRRY!) It only says it was 5 years since the new King has been throned. Then, what happened to King Gongmin and the Queen? How long did he ruled Goryeo before King Chung Jung takes over the throne? UUGGGGH! hahaha! I am having a headache trying to understand. I want to know how old is Choi Young when he met Eun Soo again.

    November 2, 2013
    • unavis #

      Well, he’s 29 when the drama starts. + 5 years, which would make it 34 🙂

      November 2, 2013
  25. Imelda #

    Dear Joonni,
    I accidentally found this Recap of final episode of Faith.. Feel happy for it. This is the first movie that makes me want to know what other fans think, what will they share or discuss. Yes, i know i’m a bit late watch this movie since it aired last year. I just finished watch it last night and the emptiness that has already come to me since few last episodes become more strong. And much much thought in my mind.
    But i love this movie so much, Love each character touch my heart especially Young and Eun Soo’s Love. It embraces me more than i can think.
    Firstly, i didn’t understand why Eun Soo had to travel in different time, 100 years earlier. Later, i realize that what she thought when she got through the portal, save Young. The portal answered it. She could prepare what will ‘future she’ needs.
    I don’t know how many times she had traveled through the portal. The last one, i think her memories helped her arrive in the right time although It’s five years later.
    This time travel teach me their true love and sincereness are above of all. How Young can keep waiting for all those years and Eun Soo keep searching again and again through the portal. Wow, this movie is just too amazing despite Its hole in the story.
    Really want to know what will happen after they become together. How other characters react when the see Eun Soo has come back.
    Hope this novel can be publish ini English version.
    There are too much thought about this movie and i don’t know what to say next. It makes me feel overwhelmed.
    Thank you Joonni for this.

    November 27, 2013
  26. Dear Joonni, I do appreciate your kind thought in doing Q&A of my favorite Faith. I’m one of the biggest fans of Kdrama. I definitely follow your comment from now on. If any K drama you would like me to follow pls let me know. I miss Faith and LMH…..
    With all the best and Love to amazing You, Jooni xo

    December 31, 2013
  27. kim schultz #

    Hello there Joonni, thank you so much for all the hard work in filling in the missing meanings because of the translations as well as whatnots … I now understand the ending more and just like what I’ve thought … the ending was very well done, just the way it is. Low key and wonderful, thanks again.
    I LOVE FAITH ! Kim Hee Sun and Lee Minh Ho rocks

    January 11, 2014
  28. Am realy inspired with this movie i almost cried.I luv it.Wow!!

    June 18, 2014
  29. Wow! I luv thi movie. Am realy inspired

    June 18, 2014
  30. Wow! I luv this movie. Am realy inspired

    June 18, 2014

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