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Time Traveling Through Seoul

South Korea’s bragging point has always been the coexistence of modernity with its traditional culture. There are always quotes from tourists on websites and brochures who marvel at the existence of royal palaces right in the middle of the  cosmopolitan city of Seoul, and the continued practice of traditional rituals and customs in a rapidly modernized and globalized society. Read more

The Sword of a Warrior

This piece is a bit different from what I have posted previously for “Faith.” It is a little more analytical than usual and it won’t make you cry. I know that’s what you guys have started to expect from my posts (:D) but this time, I really wanted to just think through the character of Young narratively and explore the journey his character has made from the beginning of the story till now. This type of essay requires certain interpretations of key points in Young’s life and if there are any interpretations that you disagree with, please let me know. I love a good conversation. Read more

For Love, For Country

Sadness (“Faith” OST)

Young has just heard that twenty-four of his Woodalchi died- fighting to protect their king…fighting and dying in his stead. He sits alone in the dark silence of his room as the smell of incense fills the air. He doesn’t cry in mourning for his men. No, he can’t cry. He thinks to himself, “I do not deserve to cry.” Read more

The Evolution of Young and Eun-soo’s Relationship

My dear Young and Eun-soo...Oh, how much you have changed and grown because of each other! Watching your relationship and character grow has been such a joy.

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Letter of Love: From Young to Eun-soo

Imja, When I first brought you here to this land, I was barely alive. As a warrior, death was always a part of my life but it was also something I fought against.

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[Fanvid] Faith- You Drive Me Crazy

Another fanvid! This time a fun one.

This drama is so much fun. I’m starting to get obsessed over it.

Watch in HD.

Song: “Can Can” by Vanessa Mae