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Quick Thoughts on “Nice Guy” Episodes 5-6

In short, “Nice Guy” is a familiar story, given new life with excellent directing.

According to Wiki, Lee Kyung-hee has written ten full length dramas and I have watched seven out of those ten. So by now, her characters feel very familiar- the conflicted hero and the innocent heroine who loves with her entire soul. Thankfully, the directing keeps the story from feeling old and heavy, and Song Joong-ki is wearing his character like a second skin, bringing Maru alive. Moon Chae-won is also performing well as Eun-gi but I don’t think the character is her own yet, compared to Joong-ki. Read more

Character Synopsis and Second Trailer for “Nice Guy”

The official English-language title for the upcoming KBS drama, “Nice Guy,” (full title- “No Such Thing as a Nice Guy”) is “Innocent Man,” which really doesn’t imply the same thing. The Korean title is sarcastic while the English title sounds so earnestly serious.

The official website has also opened which means that the character synopsis is finally available for fans anxiously waiting for this drama. And it sounds so delicious. Read more

First Teaser for Song Joong-ki’s “Nice Guy” Unveiled!

*Happy Dance* Okay, maybe not so appropriate for such an dark drama but still my body responds automatically. The first teaser for “Nice Guy” is out and what can I say…the drama promises to be a real dark, angsty melodrama. I can’t wait! Read more

Black Versus White Song Joong-ki for “Nice Guy”

Here is Song Joong-ki as Kang Maru, before he gets all dark and vengeful when his girlfriend betrays him. I have dubbed him “White” Maru. Read more

“Nice Guy” Sets Air Date, Song Joong-ki and Park Si-yeon as a Campus Couple

Mark your calendars! Nice Guy has finally set a solid air date, September 12. It airs on KBS after Gaksital ends its run. In addition to this good news, KBS also released some stills of an absolutely adorable looking Song Joong-ki (as Kang Maru) enjoying a campus date with Park Si-yeon (as Han Jae-hee) before she got all betrayal-y and he got all revenge-y. Is it just me or does Song Joong-ki totally look like a Korean Harry Potter with those glasses? Read more

Full Cast Stills for Song Joong Ki’s “Nice Guy”

Squee! Still cuts have been revealed for the full cast of Nice Guy and while they don’t say much, I’m excited because I see my new-found favorite among the cast- Lee Sang-yeob. My excitement has reached new heights for this drama. Mount Everest, anyone? Read more