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“Faith” Q&A Part 3

Song Ji-na’s “Faith” Q&A Part 3

Part 1 here.

Part 2 here.

25. “I remember a lot of Choi Young’s dialogue because there were many that were good. Which one do you think is the best line of dialogue from Choi Young?”

Writer Song replied, “It will be forever, not just a day or a few days.”

This line is from episode 21- Choi Young’s confession to Eun-soo. Eun-soo had asked Young if he will be able to protect her for his entire life (forever) and he replied, “If I can have you…forever, not just a day or a few days.” Great, I’m a weepy mess again. When will this drama let go of its hold on me?!?!

26. The question was about why the third relic was the projector and what was the point of the necklace.

Writer Song replied, “About the parents…I thought it would represent the past, because history is not just about the present and the future. It was also heartrending that Eun-soo didn’t get to say goodbye to her parents. About the necklace…uhm…I don’t know anything about this.”

27. Ha! This fan got the same impression I did- that the writer didn’t spend as much time giving us Eun-soo’s thoughts as she did with Choi Young. The fan wrote, “I thought that you didn’t develop Eun-soo’s emotional line as much as Choi Young (besides the need for secrecy presented by the time-travel). Did you have a special reason for that? Did you have that intention from the beginning?”

Writer Song replied, “It is entirely my calculation mistake. I should have lead the story from Eun-soo’s point of view starting from episode 9 but I lost that after many things went astray. It can also be said that I placed myself too much in Eun-soo’s position and wrote the story assuming too many things. I am very sorry about this.”

I’m so happy Writer Song did this Q&A because it provides some answers to my doubts. I was always a little confused about Eun-soo since we didn’t get a lot of insight into her inner thoughts and how she felt about being in Goryeo and time-traveling. I have a lot of respect for a writer who recognizes her mistakes and can own up to it. I hope she will be able give more insight into Eun-soo’s character in her book. I’m getting more excited about the book!

28. This question was about the one year trip the fortune teller mentioned in the first episode. The fan wanted to know if the year he mentioned was the year Eun-soo spent alone in the past-past.

Writer Song replied, “I thought one year in Gongmin’s Goryeo and one year in the past-past. But the fortune-teller is not that good so don’t believe him.”

Hahaha! That’s what we get for taking that fortune-teller so seriously!

29. “Where did Son Yoo come from? Who is Son Yoo?”

Writer Song replied, “Answer is above.”

30. “Please tell us what you think are the top three lines of dialogue?”

Writer Song replied, “Oh…this…it’s like asking a actor, ‘Tell us three things that you think are the prettiest about you.'”

At least she told us what she thought was Choi Young’s best line.

31. a) “What was the story you had originally planned? (How is it different from the current one?)”

b) When did Young start loving Eun-soo?

c) “When you picked the name ‘Yoo Eun-soo,’ did you take heed of Choi Young’s wife Yoo?”

Writer Song replied:

a) “The answer is too long. If I release a book, please read it.”

b) “Because Young wasted time thinking, ‘Why this person?’, I do not know when he acknowledge his love for her to himself.”

c) “Yes. Hehehe.”

About Writer Song’s answer to b, I always find it interesting the way characters seem to take on a life of their own despite being creations of writers and the way writers talk about the characters that they created as if they weren’t the ones writing them up. There is definitely something magical about writing.

32. This fan is funny. She wrote that it seems it will take her a long time to gather together her broken heart. She wants to know how Writer Song will mend her own heart so she can do the same.

Writer Song replied, “I plan to play puzzle with the pieces of my heart for the time being.”

Her answer is actually sad and funny at the same time. It’s witty but if your heart was really left in pieces by this drama, like mine was, it’s kind of sad. Actually, it’s good advice. I think doing this Q&A is helping to piece my heart together again.

33. This fan asked what aspect of Young’s character Writer Song paid most attention to while writing.

Writer Song replied, “Honesty. To himself and to others. (Every time Young was put into a crisis, I wanted to make him use a dirty and cowardly method to get out of it because it was hard writing him out of the situation. But I tried very hard to stay true his character.)

His honesty and straightforwardness what what we loved best about Choi Young, wasn’t it? Thank you Writer Song for working so hard so give us a character that we can admire.

34. This question is a repeat question asking which aspect of Choi Young Writer Song wanted to show more.

Writer Song replied, “I wrote the answer above…Choi Young smiling. Being a heodang (basically someone who is smart/skilled 99% of the time but has moments of unexpected clumsiness/idiocy).

I really wished we saw more of heodang Choi Young but that would have been a very different drama, I think. Our serious and highly-skilled warrior making mistakes and/or stumbling over himself. I would have laughed out loud like crazy. Kind of like when we saw in the episode 7 BTS clip of Lee Minho stumbling as he heroically walked out the door.

35. This question basically asked when was the first time Eun-soo time-traveled. This person thought that Eun-soo had traveled many times before. She wrote, “It wasn’t when she was kidnapped in modern time…so why did she not recognize Choi Young?”

Another person replied to the question. She wrote, “The first time was when Choi Young kidnapped her. She saw him for the first time then and vice versa. After being pushed through the portal by Ki Chul, she time-traveled again to save Young but she ended up one-hundred years in the past. From there, in order to return to Choi Young, she left the relics and visited the portal everyday with an ardent desire, and with her earnest longing she opened the portal and came back to modern time. Because she came back to modern time instead of Choi Young’s time, she time-traveled again. Finally, she returned to the time four years after they separated.”

Writer Song replied that this person’s answer is her answer.

So do you guys get the time-travel now? I think Writer Song is basically using the time loop device, which makes it hard to say that there is a first time or last time to Eun-soo’s travels. My advice- don’t think too hard about it. Time-travel never makes sense.

36. This fan found the Jeogwoldae story fascinating and was sorry it was so short. She wanted to know if Writer Song had any plans to develop the story into a film or book.

Writer Song replied that she was holding onto to the Jeogwoldae story, wanting to develop it into a movie scenario. But all she did was hold on to it instead of developing it.

Sounds like Writer Song was twiddling with a story like the Jeogwoldae story in Faith for a while and just ended up using it in the drama. It would have made a great drama or movie, me thinks, with a lot of action and emphasis on warrior-hood, loyalty, and sacrifice. Man, I would have devoured this if it came out as a drama.

37. Another question about Son Yoo. Writer Song replied that the answer is above.

38. This question is sort of a repeat question about the last relic. The poster wanted to know why Writer Song didn’t reveal it until the end and why it was a projector.

Writer Song replied, “It’s not the projector that I/she needed but the video of Eun-soo’s parents. The original plan was to re-present Eun-soo’s seminar room from episode 1 and show her take the projector from that room. Due to circumstances, we changed to the hospital and it kind of came out forced.”

39. This is another repeat question about whether the scenes from the script that were not in the broadcasted version were not filmed due to circumstances, with Writer Song’s approval, or whether they were filmed but edited out.

Writer Song replied, “The situation on the set was really difficult. The biggest reason was that my script was late and it was complicated. In order to process my script, there were somethings that were randomly taken out during filming. If I got a call from the set (that some part was difficult to film), I worked hard to adjust the script. (These changes appear on the script that you guys can find on this website.) The things that changed without my knowledge I have to see the broadcast to know. (These things I couldn’t adjust and the scripts were uploaded on this website.)

40. This fan asked how similar the ending we saw was to the ending Writer Song had planned from the beginning and whether there was anything that she wanted but couldn’t put in.

Writer Song replied, “The structure of the ending was something that I made when I was writing episode 1 so there was something for episode 24 that I asked to be filmed while they were filming episode 1. When I checked recently, it hadn’t been filmed. (They had said they would film it later because they didn’t have time then.) (It would have been good if this came out…It was a supplementary scene continued with everyone’s favorite caped Choi Young in dry form.”

So Writer Song continues to not clarify why Choi Young looking up in the sky is significant. Darn, darn, darn. I just can’t figure out how this scene would have continued to be significant to the ending. Why did the director film it raining when there was no indication of it on the script? Did the writer want it to be raining and asked for a dry version? And what would be the significance of that difference for the timeline of this drama? Argh!

41. This fan asked a question which a lot of people asked- why some many skinship scenes were cut out. Was it because they were being considerate of Kim Hee-sun’s husband who didn’t like the skinship?

Writer Song replied, “Hehe. I’m curious about this too! We agreed to meet up after we have rested our tired body and hearts. I will ask them then!”

42. This person asked several questions, some which are repeats.

1) Did Eun-soo wait in front of the portal a hundred years in the past knowing when it will open?

2) Did Young heal by himself and wait for Eun-soo to keep his promise to live well?

3) Did Son Yoo time-travel? Which era did he come from?

4) Were Hwata’s relics that were left to Ki Chul the things that Eun-soo left a hundred years in the past? Weren’t Eun-soo carrying them in her bag when she went through the portal?

5) Was it your own decision to put in the character of Choi Young in “Faith”? It seems like the original plan for the drama changed a lot after Choi Young was put in the drama. I am wondering why you put in a real person in the drama.

Writer Song replied:

1) No. She waited not with calculations but with faith.

2) The aspirin bottle left by Eun-soo was a message for Choi Young and gave him hope to live again- The message being, “I’m alive. I am trying to get back to you.”

5) I like the figures of Choi Young and King Gongmin from history. I always wanted to write about them..but I am repenting right now because I feel like I didn’t do them justice.

43. This person wrote, “The fortune teller said that Eun-soo would go on a long journey for a year but time didn’t pass at all in modern time. What did he mean?”

Writer Song replied, “This fortune teller is both right and wrong. Eun-soo was lost in the past-past for a year and then finally met Young again. So I can’t really say anything…”

44. “I am assuming that the point when Choi Young wakes up is when Choong-jung dies. Am I right?”

Writer Song replied, “It’s probably correct that the direct cause is Choong-jung’s death.”

45. This person is curious how the drama would have played out if Philip Lee did not get hurt.

Writer Song replied, “The Jang Bin character was different from original plans right from the beginning. I wanted to have Jang Bin teach Eun-soo about medicine as a teacher but after the so-and-so about plagiarism, the broadcast station displayed dislike toward medical episodes, etc. Due to several reasons, that storyline was greatly reduced. Personally, I am sad and upset about that.

Kudos for Philip Lee, who stuck with the drama despite the changes. I was actually looking forward to more of a medical storyline and was disappointed with how it seemed to disappear slowly from the drama. I’m guessing that they had created the Hwata animation way before and didn’t want to waste it after they had to change the storyline of the drama. (I heard they spent three months on that animation.) Otherwise, they spent way too much time and effort building up the legend of Hwata’s medical skills for it to not have any relevance in the drama later.

46. This fan wanted to know if there was anything that Writer Song just wanted to say to her viewers.

Writer Song replied that if she started talking, it would go on for three nights, four days, so she will pass on this question.

47. This person wanted to know what Writer Song was most regretful of (or feel the lack of) in “Faith,” and if Writer Song had plans to unravel those regrets through a book or movie.

Writer Song replied, “Because I am getting encouragement to write a book, I am thinking of writing one. So far yesterday, I have written nine pages. It seems that I am sad (about the dearth) too.

Yay for the book actually coming out! I hope nothing goes wrong and she can publish it in December as planned.

To be continued with Part 4…

Happy Thanksgiving for those in the U.S. I am ready for a feast and a day of thanks. And I’m always grateful to you guys for reading this blog. 😀

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  1. Missy #

    Thanks for posting these Q+A that Writer Song did with fans. It’s great that our questions are getting answered, she’s an excellent writer.
    It does seem like she’s serious about this book, I hope there’s an English version of it, I want to read it once it’s released.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you, Joonni!! Pig out and give thanks 🙂

    November 22, 2012
  2. paufu #

    What? What!? WHAT!? am I getting it right? Son Yoo is the fortune teller? O.o

    November 22, 2012
    • joonni #

      She meant the answer is above in other questions, not directly above. Sorry for the confusion. I was translating word for word.
      She talked about Son Yoo already in other questions.

      November 22, 2012
  3. debberdeux #

    Hi Joonni, thanks again for taking time to translate these Q&As. I really had fun reading it because that’s just how nosy I am. lol

    About CY looking up at the sky, this is just my wild guess, is it because he had a feeling, some sort of premonition that something from heaven is coming? Hence, the whole part of CY and ES being fated together? Or was he expecting something from above?

    I’m pretty excited about the novel too. This storyline has so much of potential to it and I’m sure it will be easier to immerse and invest in the character and the progression of a plot in a novel. I really do hope that it will be translated into English and the emotions or style of writing will not be lost in translation.

    Sigh, I too, wish that they had more scenes with CY in a cape. LMH looks too hot in a cape for them to leave out that scene.

    Looking forward to part 4. =) And Happy Thanksgiving!

    November 22, 2012
  4. just asking, i’ve been wondering. in what letter did ES wrote the message that he left in the burried aspirin bottle ?
    “im alive, im trying to get back to u” ? in hanja ?

    November 22, 2012
    • joonni #

      She didn’t mean that there was literally a message. More like that the bottle acted like a sign telling Young that Eun-soo is coming back. I wrote that the aspirin bottle was the message, not that there was a message inside the aspirin bottle.

      November 22, 2012
      • cacao #

        I agree with Joonni about the aspirin bottle, it was literally message to CY from ES. I’m so thankful to Joonni that makes this interesting blog and happy thanksgiving, enjoy the turkey.

        November 22, 2012
      • aaahh…. i see.
        thx 🙂

        November 23, 2012
  5. Chepie2 #

    I thought so too that Faith would center on the story of ES since the title bears “Faith The Great Doctor”—which refers to her as the doctor and her faith that opened the portal for her at the end of the story. And it did for most parts of the drama, I guess, until the last few episodes where the story centered on CY.

    I stopped thinking about the time-travel plot after the lengthy discussion on it by everyone. I still didn’t get it after all this time (but I’m okay about it now). Even writer Song wasn’t clear about it in her answers bec. as you said she came late into the project so maybe she didn’t have enough time to think through it.

    So that was the legal case w/ Dr. Jin all about—plagiarism? If they developed her original storyline where Dr. Jang should’ve taught ES Goryeo treatment method, then it would be the same as the storyline of Dr. Jin. Hmmm…

    Thanks again for this juicy bit. HAPPY THANKSGIVING to y’all in the U.S. of A!!! Enjoy the turkey and the holiday while hanging out here at Joonni’s! 🙂

    November 22, 2012
  6. Today is Thanksgiving, so I’m thankful for Joonni and this blog. For me, this blog is like an open portal where I can laugh, sob, swoon, thud and hang out with all of the faithfuls and gutterbuds from around the world **hugs to Daejang Joonni and all**

    I’m also curious about the whole ‘rain’ vs ‘no rain’ scene from ep 1 of CY in a cape riding his horse and sort of looking up in the sky. If it’s not in the script, why did the director film it with the rain? Did they just show up for filming and it started to rain? I’d really wish Writer Song would explain the significance in why she wanted them to film this scene again for ep. 24. For some reason, it reminds me of the time CY looked up at the moon at the end of ep 11 while he was going to meet KC. What was he thinking there at that time besides knowing it could be the last time he’ll be able to see the moon since he’s going in this fight with his life on the line? I don’t see him just looking up at the moon simply because it was pretty.

    Many thanks, Joonni, for all your hard work with the Q&A script from Writer Song! Love it and Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!!

    November 22, 2012
  7. Thanks Joonni for the Q&A translation. Really appreciate it. 🙂
    I love this writer so much.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all.

    November 22, 2012
  8. sophia #

    Love love love. More more more! Oh drama. How did you capture my heart so completely?

    Off to make thanksgiving meal with episode 21 playing in the background.

    November 22, 2012
  9. Ilana #

    I agree with Writer Song…

    That line of Choi Young was a killer one…got me hook, line and sinker. The earnest, sincere, determined way LMH said it was so swoonworthy.

    I find it lovely that she didn’t know when Choi Young fell in love with Eun Soo….I think she kinda gave LMH the general idea of what she wanted CY to be…and it was up to LMH to develop the character on his own.

    November 22, 2012
  10. Ilana #

    Thanks Joonni for all time and effort taken to translate this…and sharing it with us….

    November 22, 2012
  11. CallieP #

    Joonni, Happy Turkey Day! I am curious as to writer SJN replying to Faith questions. Is this normal? Do other writers also have a web site and answer questions about their version of the drama just filmed? Did the writer for Queen Inhyun’s man and Secret Gardern or King2heart also have this type of communication with their fans or is this highly unusual??? Thanks!

    November 22, 2012
    • joonni #

      I don’t know anything about this generally. I searched for a website for Queen In Hyun’s Man writer and couldn’t find one. I do follow Secret Garden’s writer on Twitter where she does communicate with fans sometimes.

      November 22, 2012
  12. Happy Thanksgiving Joonni, thank you very much for complying our ” Faith” addictions!! The slate is a testament of your awesomeness/dedication of writing thru this drama! For the love of the drama and your blog site, this is how I say “Thank You”..enjoy and keep writing.

    November 22, 2012
  13. Wow, so following q.28, Eun Soo spent one year in Goryeo (during the drama)? I would have never thought that. I thought max 2-3 months? Seriously, for everything that happened, 1 full year seems a bit long to me…

    November 22, 2012
    • WendyM #

      I watched the drama from EP1 to EP24 in a weekend for closure. I might watch Faith in the future again but the last time I did notice details about CY and ES reactions to each other that the first time around were unnoticed.

      Another reason was to see if I could verify the SY character real reason as well as the whole 1 year in Goryeo.

      The drama shows probably 3 months time.

      From episodes 1-8 shows about 15 days into ES travel since she stabbed CY to when the young king dies and ES is back in the palace. Then the second part from EP9-12 time is fuzzy it seems as if only half month pass but the King says in Ep12 to get the ministers by next full moon so it sounds like in 1 mo. time just to gather the ministers. Then from when CY kills the assassins, CY and ES starts to be partners…to until CY is accused of bribery ( 7 days he waits to get sentenced) and DH appears in the story and poisons ES…..time is not really clear maybe months passed? That is the only possibility.

      From when ES get’s the symptoms from the poison the first time to when she discovers the portal date to open to the end is 1 month only. That last part seem to cover too much for 1 month time from Ep16 to E24.

      The character YS was a puzzle. It was left on purpose to the imagination. It had a hint to be another time-traveler or have some knowledge of the history also perhaps he saw some alternate outcome?. It seems to be a fixer too. First he pushed GM to man up, since GM was a bit unsure, he came in strong from the start demanding GM to accept Yuan’s demands what made GM be more strong. Perhaps YS volunteered or position himself to be the envoy to stir history in it’s course?. Second he seems to tell people clues of him knowing more than what is happening in the current time…like when he talked to CY in the dungeon saying GM would be a cat if CY was get rid off (CY is protective so in my mind that would make CY to be more protective so GM becomes even stronger) and when he warned CY he could die due to ES and GC. I even liked this twist because it was open to your interpretation whether YS was bad or not.

      November 22, 2012
      • Yes, that’s what I’m saying as well… the story should cover 2-3 months max. The writer said one year Oo
        And I don’t think YS wanted to “fix” anything. He clearly said he lost hope and at that point one country was equal to the other. Name didn’t matter anymore. So I really think he wanted to turn Goryeo to Yuan and not save it…

        November 23, 2012
  14. WendyM #

    Thanks Joonni for doing this, I am really a fan of your blog! I am learning to read korean and learning vocabulary just to read that book if it ever gets published.

    About Question: 44. “I am assuming that the point when Choi Young wakes up is when Choong-jung dies. Am I right?” Writer Song replied, “It’s probably correct that the direct cause is Choong-jung’s death.”

    I am confused here, is this from the flashbacks of EP1 when CY was still dressed as the crecent moon warrior going into woodalchi?

    November 22, 2012
    • WendyM #

      nevermind! The young king is Choong Jung…I answer myself after sending post duh

      November 22, 2012
  15. Thank you.

    November 22, 2012
  16. minozlove #

    Dear Joonni,
    Thank you with all my hearth for all you are doing with this beautiful heaven of a blog. I have found here your amazing wisdom, which in some magical way alleviates this incredibly piercing yearning I have to live in a “Faith” world for longer than episodes invited us to. I adore this prolongation of life with “Faith”. I truly appreciate your writing about questions and answers from the writer, they fill in for questions I didn’t even know existed. I so throughly enjoyed feeling I had while I watched and now rewatch endlessly this beautiful art of film making. There is so much there that draws me in, and most of it can’t even really be explained. I am in love with the feelings I have, even when I just hear the music, my heart just fills with longing, loving, loving and loving.

    Also thank you for giving us space to share this love with so many wonderful people. It has come to be a soulful home to me.

    Happy, happy Thanksgiving

    November 22, 2012
  17. I’m wondering the same thing as Question 41. I read somewhere about an interview with Kim Hee Sun and she said her husband got so angry after watching the episode where Eun Soo first kissed Choi Young that he refused to watch anymore after that…

    Such a waste really. After ep 17, I’m dying for another one but not even a lil smooch came up (no thanks to Choong Suk) 😦

    November 22, 2012
    • Actor/Actress is a very rare person, it acquires a distinctive attitude to separate fictional drama to reality feelings. But sometimes their feelings overflow to reality such as QIHM situation! In this case the “husband” has some insecurity problem, and doesn’t have the trust in Kim Hee Sun ability to separate her statist! Yes, it’s sad to think about it, because she has potential to be a great Actress??!

      November 23, 2012
      • Yes she is! I can’t wait for her next drama 😀

        I read more of the interview with Kim Hee Sun. She also mentioned that her husband “doesn’t like the way Lee Min Ho looks at her”. LOL and she mentions that she want to act with an even hotter idol. I was thinking, isn’t Lee Min Ho already the hottest (at least to me)?

        November 23, 2012
        • That’s great that you’ve read her interview, sorry I can’t read or understand Korean languages..still working on it!! But I’ve managed to understand some or most of the languages while watching dramas! As for a hotter idol..maybe she is looking at it intellectually w/ looks combination? Who knows ??

          November 23, 2012
      • My hubby saw the BTS scenes where KHS and LMH was fooling around, playing and massaging each other. He feels that all that is flirting. I said they are just being really comfortable with each other and like bro and sis hanging out but my hubby is thinking the opposite. He said if he saw someone doing all that with me, vice versa, he would be just as jealous. lol

        What I think is her husband has an esteem problem. He should not prevent her from moving towards being a great actress of her time. I am sure she knows where she stands and wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize her marriage. Doubt she is that silly, don’t you think?

        November 24, 2012
        • In the interview, Kim Hee Sun seems happy that her hubby got jealous of LMH because that means he still loves her very much.

          I also don’t see it as flirting. LMH mentioned he tried to be comfortable with his lead actress so that we can see wonderful chemistry throughout the drama (which I did!) and he also said he’s very grateful for KHS who’s his senior but still treats him like a friend. Rather than flirting, their relationship seems more like an older sister who likes her younger brother so much that she can’t help bullying/teasing him (I often did to my sis) LOL

          November 24, 2012
          • Yes I agree when a husband is jealous, they are doing so out of love. 🙂 I am also kind of happy my hubby is a bit jealous I am a fan of LMH. He says luckily LMH is out of my reach. LOL
            KHS said during an interview, she wished she knew LMH earlier. They get along so well. Yes they are having fun like a bro and sis. 🙂 I love their onscreen and off screen relationship and am glad they got to film together. Through them I was able to see a believable romance between CY and ES. I miss them a lot.

            November 24, 2012
        • Foreplay is normal for Actror/ Actress to have that chemistry. Yes, I fully agree that Kim will not jeopardize her marriage over a drama!? But, in the Film never know?? Anything is possible over anything?

          November 25, 2012
          • o.0 I have been secretly wishing KHS is not married. If she wasn’t I would have shipped the both of them to death!

            November 25, 2012
    • CallieP #

      Hi Simphoni, can you tell more about the interview, did she talk much about her friendship with LMH if they still contact each other? What other hot idol does she want to act with? LMH is the hottest. Is there a translated version of the interview?

      November 24, 2012
      • CallieP #

        If they happen to win an award together, they have to attend the ceremony or interview together.

        November 24, 2012
      • Hi CallieP, I read the English translated interview from Faith Facebook page here You have to scroll down to read the Friday posts. So far she only mentions what her family think of LMH.

        I was thinking maybe Kim Hee Sun is referring to ZE:A’s Im Si Wan? She mentioned before that he’s currently the idol that she’s particularly interested in. But our LMH is far hotter though 😛

        November 25, 2012
        • CallieP #

          Hi Simphoni, Thanks for the link. I will check it out. Yeah, LMH is the hottest.

          November 27, 2012
  18. SH #

    Interesting read! Thanks Joonni. Song Ji-na sounds like a fun person. I know she spent a few years in New Zealand, and I’m wondering if her stay there has any influence on her writing.

    November 24, 2012
    • joonni #

      Did she? I want to visit New Zealand. It’s been my dream.

      November 27, 2012
  19. FANOFKR #

    A belated Happy Thanksgiving to you Joonni, my Thanksgiving is today when I read your Q and A part 3. I heard that FAITH will air in the Philipines as well as Japan (in Dec.) Would be interesting to see how the new audience react to FAITH.

    November 25, 2012
  20. Awesomeduck #

    Dearest Joonni
    Thank you sooooo much for the script tidbids and Q&A. The Faithlings over at soompi thread came across some news regarding the release of the novel by SJN in December and was wondering whether you would be able to confirm this for us. We have read that there will be a Faith novel signing event on the 15th December from 5-7pm and half of the time will be used for Q&A with SJN. We also read that the Wuldalchi puppies will be at the signing event. We are super excited even though most of us can’t read Korean.
    BIG HUGS and THANK YOU in advance.

    November 26, 2012
    • minozlove #

      WOW where would that be, in Seoul?

      November 26, 2012
    • Awesomeduck #

      Hi Joonni and all
      Sorry I must correct my post I got mixed up and thought that the Wuldalchi boys will be at the signing event rather the news was that SJN had a meeting with several cast members from Faith including some of the Wuldalchi boys. Icesiren from Soompi has confirmed from SJN’s website that the first volume of the novel will be out mid-December.
      Thanks again 🙂 and sorry for the mix up 🙂

      November 26, 2012
  21. Hi Joonni, if ever Song Ji-Na do release the book “Faith”. I would be interested in purchasing the English version or any translation of the book. Having a book signed would be awesome!! Please keep us post dated. Thank for your generosity of

    November 26, 2012
  22. CallieP #

    Joonni, when will Faith Q & A part 4 be ready? Thanks.

    November 27, 2012
    • joonni #

      In a couple of days? I’ve been bogged down with work but will get to it as soon as possible.

      November 27, 2012
  23. Thanks Jooni for all of your insight, I did enjoyed reading all the answers from the writer. It is kind of frustrating when your writing is not brought up to part and had to do some cutting of parts that were crucial to the story. I guess all writers have to compromise some do to studios budgets and time constrictions. I think there are still questions unanswered.

    November 28, 2012
  24. Zekharya #

    Could you answer some of my queries?
    If every enter into the time portal will experience a loop, how come Young can get Eun Soo and go back to the same time at Ep1? How did he even go in since only she could enter?
    Her future self told her present self to take note of what so she can prevent it. So does that mean her future failed but because now she knows, the future is changed?
    But then why does the ending follows the same as her future self did, now travelled to the past where she writes the diary and experiences the time loops again for her present self. Wouldnt that mean the cycle will repeat all over again and the actions her future self did becomes futile?
    She waited for the portal to reopen based on faith but then how she got those calculations for the present Eun Soo?
    If the ending had been different where she experienced sth else, it will be more logical. But then again, the future did change cos of her. The queen survived and the reign carried on for 5 years. The most bewildering part that leaves me hanging are the last few pages of the notebook that was burnt in the show so no one knows its contents. The director must have used that to cover all this loopholes and not explain the various questions we have.

    September 6, 2014

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